"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter)

Number 86, June 2002

Adas, Michael, "From Settler Colony to Global Hegemon: Integrating the Exceptionalist Narrative of the American Experience into World History," American Historical Review, 106 (2001), 1692–1720.

Anderson, Paul Allen, Deep River: Music and Memory in Harlem Renaissance Thought (Duke, 2001).

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Arnesen, Eric, "Whiteness and the Historians’ Imagination," International Labor and Working Class History, No. 60 (Fall ‘01), 3–32, with responses by James R. Barrett, David Brody, Barbara J. Fields, Eric Foner, Victoria C. Hattam, and Adolph Reed, Jr.

________, Black Protest and the Great Migration: A Brief History with Documents (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2002).

Aurand, Harold W., ed., "The Lattimer Massacre of 1897," special issue of Pennsylvania History, 68:4 (2002).

Baack, Ben, "Forging a Nation State: The Continental Congress and the Financing of the War of American Independence," Economic History Review, 54 (2001), 639–56.

Baker, Jean H., ed., Votes for Women: The Struggle for Suffrage Revisited (Oxford, 2002).

Bao, Xiaolan, Holding Up More Than Half the Sky: Chinese Women Garment Workers in New York City, 1948–92 (Illinois, 2001).

Baptist, Edward E., "‘Cuffy,’ ‘Fancy Maids,’ and ‘One-Eyed Men’: Rape, Commodification, and the Domestic Slave Trade in the United States," American Historical Review, 106 (2001), 1619–50.

Bay, Edna G., "Protection, Political Exile, and the Atlantic Slave-Trade: History and Collective Memory in Dahomey," Slavery & Abolition, 22:1 (2001), 42–60.

Bernstein, David E., Only One Place of Redress: African Americans, Labor Regulations, and the Courts from Reconstruction to the New Deal (Duke, 2001).

Berry, Mary Frances, "Diluting the Vote: The Irony of Bush v. Gore," Journal of American History, 88 (2001), 436–43.

"Black Power Studies: A New Scholarship," special issue of The Black Scholar, 31 (Fall/Winter 2001), ed. by Peniel E. Joseph.

Blanck, Emily, "Seventeen Eighty-Three: The Turning Point in the Law of Slavery and Freedom in Massachusetts," New England Quarterly, 75 (2002), 44–51.

Blee, Kathleen M., Inside Organized Racism: Women in the Hate Movement (California, 2002).

Block, Sharon, "Early American Sexuality: Race, Colonialism, Power, and Culture," Radical History Review, No. 82 (2001), 159–70.

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Brophy, Alfred L., Reconstructing the Dreamland: The Tulsa Riot of 1921, Race Reparations, and Reconciliation (Oxford, 2002).

Brown, Stephen, "‘Con discriminación y represión no hay democracia’: The Lesbian and Gay Movement in Argentina," Latin American Perspectives, 29:2 (2002), 119–38.

Buchanan, Thomas C., "Rascals on the Antebellum Mississippi: African-American Steamboat Workers and the St. Louis Hanging of 1841," Journal of Social History, 34 (2001), 797–816.

Bucki, Cecelia, Bridgeport’s Socialist New Deal, 1915–1936 (Illinois, 2001).

Burgos, Raúl, "The Gramscian Intervention in the Theoretical and Political Production of the Latin American Left," Latin American Perspectives, 29:1 (2002), 9–37

Burnham, Peter, "Marx, International Political Economy and Globalisation," Capital & Class, No. 75 (2001), 103–12.

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Chafe, William, Raymond Gavins, and Robert Korstad, eds., Remembering Jim Crow: African Americans Tell About Life in the Segregated South (The New Press, 2001).

Chappell, Marisa, "Rethinking Women’s Politics in the 1970s: The League of Women Voters and the National Organization for Women Confront Poverty," Journal of Women’s History, 13 (Winter ‘02), 155–79.

Cherny, Robert W., "Constructing a Radical Identity: History, Memory, and the Seafaring Stories of Harry Bridges," Pacific Historical Review, 70 (2001), 571–600.

Cherry, Robert, Who Gets the Good Jobs? Combating Race and Gender Disparities (Rutgers, 2001).

Clayson, William S., "‘The Barrios and the Ghettos Have Organized!’ Community Action, Political Acrimony, and the War on Poverty in San Antonio," Journal of Urban History, 28 (2002), 158–93.

Coker, Trudie, "Globalization and Corporatism: The Growth and Decay of Organized Labor in Venezuela, 1900–1998," International Labor and Working Class History, No. 60 (Fall ‘01), 180–202.

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Eber, Christine E., and Janet M. Tanski, "Obstacles Facing Women’s Grassroots Development Strategies in Mexico," Review of Radical Political Economics, 33:4 (2001), 441–60.

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Eudell, Demetrius L., The Political Languages of Emancipation in the British Caribbean and the U.S. South (North Carolina, 2002).

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Freedman, Estelle, No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women (Ballantine, 2002).

Freeman, Carla and Donna F. Murdock, "Enduring Traditions and New Directions in Feminist Ethnography in the Caribbean and Latin America," Feminist Studies, 27 (2001), 423–58.

Friedmann, Harriet, "The World Social Forum at Porto Alegre and the People’s Summit at Quebec City: A View from the Ground," Studies in Political Economy, 66 (2002), 85–106.

Fultz, Michael, "Charleston, 1919–1920: The Final Battle in the Emergence of the South’s Urban African American Teacher Corps," Journal of Urban History, 27 (2001), 633–49.

Garcia, Matt, A World of Its Own: Race, Labor, and Citrus in the Making of Greater Los Angeles, 1900–1970 (North Carolina, 2001).

Garrabou, Ramon, Jordi Planas, and Enric Saguer, "Sharecropping and the Management of Large Rural Estates in Catalonia, 1850–1950," Journal of Peasant Studies, 28:3 (2001), 89–108.

Geary, Dan, "The ‘Union of Power and the Intellect’: C. Wright Mills and the Labor Movement," Labor History, 42 (2001), 327–45.

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Gilmore, Glenda, Who Were the Progressives? (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2002).

Glenn, Evelyn Nakano, Unequal Freedom: How Race and Gender Shaped American Citizenship and Labor (Harvard, 2001).

Goldstein, Joshua S., War and Gender: How Gender Shapes the War System and Vice Versa (Cambridge, 2001).

Gonzalez, Gilbert C. and Raúl Fernandez, "Empire and the Origins of Twentieth-Century Migration from Mexico to the United States," Pacific Historical Review, 71 (2002), 19–58.

Green, Venus, Race on the Line: Gender, Labor and Technology in the Bell System, 1880–1980 (Duke, 2001).

Guinier, Lani and Gerald Torres, The Miner’s Canary: Enlisting Race, Resisting Power, Transforming Democracy (Harvard, 2001).

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