"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter) 

Number 83, December 2000

Abu-Lughod, Deena I., "Failed Buyout: Land Rights for Contra Veterans in Postwar Nicaragua," Latin American Perspectives, 27 (May `00), 32-62.

Adams, Maurianne and John H. Bracey, eds., Strangers and Neighbors: Relations between Blacks and Jews in the United States (Massachusetts, 2000).

"Africans and the Roots of Early American Culture," special teaching section in Radical History Review, No. 77 (Spring `00), with articles by James H. Sweet and John Thornton, 104-34.

Allen, Michael Thad, "Flexible Production in Ravensbruck Concentration Camp," Past & Present, No. 165 (Nov. `99), 182-217.

Andrews, Dee E., The Methodists and Revolutionary America, 1760-1800 (Princeton, 2000).

Arndt, Susan, "African Gender Trouble and African Womanism: An Interview with Chikwenye Ogunyemi and Wanjira Muthoni," Signs, 25 (2000), 709-26.

Arnold, Joseph L., "History, Profits, and Social Justice in the Old Central City," Journal of Urban History, 26 (2000), 679-86.

"Assessing Seattle," forum in Studies in Political Economy, 62 (Summer `00), 5-42.

Bardsley, Sandy, "Women's Work Reconsidered: Gender and Wage Differentiation in Late Medieval England," Past & Present, No. 165 (Nov. `99), 3-29.

Blackburn, Robin, "Cuba under the Hammer," New Left Review, #242 (July `00), 5-37.

Blight, David, "Fifty Years of Freedom: The Memory of Emancipation at the Civil War Semicentennial, 1911-15," Slavery & Abolition, 21:2 (Aug. `00), 117-34.

Bonacich, Edna and Richard Appelbaum, Behind the Label: Inequality in the Los Angeles Apparel Industry (California, 2000).

Bond, Julian, "SNCC: What We Did," Monthly Review, 52 (Oct. `00), 14-28.

Boron, Atilio A., "Embattled Legacy: `Post-Marxism' and the Social and Political Theory of Karl Marx," Latin American Perspectives, 27 (July `00), 49-79.

Borstelmann, Thomas, "`Hedging Our Bets and Buying Time': John Kennedy and Racial Revolutions in the American South and Southern African," Diplomatic History, 24 (2000), 435-64.

Bradbury, Bettina, "Feminist Historians and Family History in Canada in the 1990s" (review essay)," Journal of Family History, 25 (2000), 362-83.

Brown, Kathleen A., "The `Savagely Fathered and Un-Mothered World' of the Communist Party, U.S.A.: Feminism, Maternalism, and `Mother Bloor,'" Feminist Studies, 25 (1999), 537-70.

Bruno, Robert, Steelworker Alley: How Class Works in Youngstown (Cornell, 1999).

Caldeira, Teresa P.R. and James Holston, "Democracy, Law, and Violence: Disjunctions of Brazilian Citizenship," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 41 (1999), 691-729.

Carpenter, Stephanie A., "`Women Who Work in the Field': The Changing Role of Farm and Nonfarm Women on the Farm," Agricultural History, 74 (2000), 465-74.

Cashin, Joan E., "Households, Kinfolk, and Absent Teenagers: The Demographic Transition in the Old South," Journal of Family History, 25 (2000), 141-57.

Chomsky, Aviva, "`Barbados or Canada?': Race, Immigration, and Nation in Early-Twentieth-Century Cuba," Hispanic American Historical Review, 80 (2000), 415-62.

Chomsky, Noam, Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs (South End, 2000).

Churchill, Robert H., "Popular Nullification, Fries' Rebellion, and the Waning of Radical Republicanism, 1798-1801," Pennsylvania History, 67 (2000), 105-40.

Clarke, Tony, "Taking on the WTO: Lessons from the Battle of Seattle," Studies in Political Economy, 62 (Summer `00), 7-16.

Cochran, David, America Noir: Underground Writers and Filmmakers of the Postwar Era (Smithsonian, 2000).

Cody, Lisa Forman, "The Politics of Illegitimacy in an Age of Reform: Women, Reproduction, and Political Economy in England's New Poor Law of 1834," Journal of Women's History, 11 (Winter `00), 131-56.

Cohn, Raymond L., "Nativism and the End of the Mass Migration of the 1840s and 1850s," Journal of Economic History, 60 (2000), 361-83.

Collins, William J., "African-American Economic Mobility in the 1940s: A Portrait of the Palmer Survey," Journal of Economic History, 60 (2000), 756-81.

Connelly, Matthew, "Taking Off the Cold War Lens: Visions of North-South Conflict during the Algerian War for Independence," American Historical Review, 105 (2000), 739-69.

Cooper, Frederick, Thomas C. Holt, and Rebecca J. Scott, Beyond Slavery: Explorations of Race, Labor, and Citizenship in Post-Emancipation Societies (North Carolina, 2000).

Counts, Will, A Life Is More Than a Moment: The Desegregation of Little Rock's Central High (Indiana, 1999).

Cowie, Jefferson, Capital Moves: RCA's Seventy-Year Quest for Cheap Labor (Cornell, 1999).

Cunningham, Agnes "Sis" and Gordon Friesen, Red Dust and Broadsides: A Joint Autobiography, Ronald D. Cohen, ed. (Massachusetts, 1999).

Cunningham, Hugh, "The Decline of Child Labour: Labour Markets and Family Economies in Europe and North America since 1830," Economic History Review, 53 (2000), 409-28.

Curtin, Mary Ellen, "Negro `Thieves' or Enterprising Farmers?: Markets, the Law, and African American Community Regulation in Alabama, 1866-1877," Agricultural History, 74 (2000), 19-38.

Daniel, Pete, Lost Revolutions: The South in the 1950s (North Carolina, 2000).

Davin, Eric Leif, "Blue Collar Democracy: Class War and Political Revolution in Western Pennsylvania," Pennsylvania History, 67 (2000), 240-97.

De Almeida, Lucio and Feliz Ruiz Sanchez, "The Landless Workers' Movement and Social Struggles against Neoliberalism," Latin American Perspectives, 27 (Sept. `00), 11-32.

DeJong, Greta, "`With the Aid of God and the F.S.A.': The Louisiana Farmers' Union and the African American Freedom Struggle in the New Deal Era," Journal of Social History, 34 (2000), 105-40.

Derickson, Alan, "`Take Health from the List of Luxuries': Labor and the Right to Health Care, 1915-1949," Labor History, 41 (2000), 171-88.

Din, Gilbert C., Spaniards, Planters, and Slaves: The Spanish Regulation of Slavery in Louisiana, 1763-1803 (Texas A&M, 1999).

Dorsey, Bruce, "A Gendered History of African Colonization in the Antebellum United States," Journal of Social History, 34 (2000), 77-104.

Downs, Laura Lee, "Municipal Communism and the Politics of Childhood: Ivry-Sur-Seine, 1925-1960," Past & Present, No. 166 (Feb. `00), 205-41.

Eley, Geoff and Keith Nield, "Farewell to the Working Class?" with comments by Don Kalb, Judith Stein, Stephen Kotkin, Barbara Weinstein, Frederick Cooper, and Joan W. Scott, International Labor and Working Class History, No. 57 (Spring `00), 1-87.

Engs, Robert Francis, Educating the Disfranchised and Disinherited: Samuel Chapman Armstrong and Hampton Institute, 1839-1893 (Tennessee, 1999).

Estes, Steve, "`I AM A MAN!': Race, Masculinity, and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike," Labor History, 41 (2000), 153-70.

Faue, Elizabeth, ed., "The Working Classes and Urban Public Space," special issue of Social Science History, 24 (Spring 2000).

Fick, Carolyn, "Emancipation in Haiti: From Plantation Labour to Peasant Proprietorship," Slavery & Abolition, 21:2 (Aug. `00), 11-40.

Ficker, Sandra Kuntz, "Economic Backwardness and Firm Strategy: An American Railroad Corporation in Nineteenth-Century Mexico," Hispanic American Historical Review, 80 (2000), 267-98.

Flett, Keith and David Renton, eds., The Twentieth Century: A Century of War and Rebellions (Rivers Oram, 2000).

Friedman, Gerald, "The Political Economy of Early Southern Unionism: Race, Politics, and Labor in the South, 1880-1953," Journal of Economic History, 50 (2000), 384-413.

Frisken, Amanda, "Sex in Politics: Victoria Woodhull as an American Public Woman," Journal of Women's History, 12 (Spring `00), 89-111.

Garcia, Ruben Vega, "Radical Unionism and the Workers' Struggle in Spain," Latin American Perspectives, 27 (Sept. `00), 111-33.

Garfield, Seth, "Where the Earth touches the Sky: The Xavante Indians' Struggle for Land in Brazil, 1951-1979," Hispanic American Historical Review, 80 (2000), 537-64.

Gilje, Paul A., "Loyalty and Liberty: The Ambiguous Patriotism of Jack Tar in the American Revolution," Pennsylvania History, 67 (2000), 165-93.

Goldsmith, Peter D., Making People's Music: Moe Asch and Folkway Records (Smithsonian, 1998).

Greene, Jack P., "Liberty, Slavery and the Transformation of British Identity in the Eighteenth-Century West Indies," Slavery & Abolition, 21:1 (April `00), 1-31.

Guy, Roger, "The Media, the Police, and Southern White Migrant Identity in Chicago, 1955-1970," Journal of Urban History, 26 (2000), 329-56.

Gyory, Andrew and Michael Musuraca, "Race and Class Matters in U.S. Cities," Journal of Urban History, 26 (2000), 830-42.

Hall, Jacquelyn Dowd, "`To Widen the Reach of Our Love': Autobiography, History, and Desire," Feminist Studies, 26 (2000), 231-47.

Harsch, Donna, "Approach/Avoidance: Communists and Women in East Germany, 1945-9," Social History, 25 (2000), 156-82.

Helg, Aline, "Black Men, Racial Stereotyping and Violence in the U.S. South and Cuba at the Turn of the Century," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 42 (2000), 576-604.

Henkin, David, City Reading: Written Words and Public Spaces in Antebellum New York (Columbia, 1999).

Heron, Craig, "The Labour Historian and Public History," Labour/Le Travail, No. 45 (Spring `00), 171-98.

Heuman, Gad, "Riots and Resistance in the Caribbean at the Moment of Freedom," Slavery & Abolition, 21:2 (Aug. `00), 135-49.

Hoefte, Rosemarijn, In Place of Slavery: A Social History of Indian and Javanese Laborers in Suriname (Florida, 2000).

Honey, Maureen, ed., Bitter Fruit: African American Women in World War II (Missouri, 2000).

Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz, "Victoria Woodhull, Anthony Comstock, and Conflict over Sex in the United States in the 1870s," Journal of American History, 87 (2000), 403-34.

Howland, Douglas R., "Society Reified: Herbert Spencer and Political Theory in Early Meiji Japan," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 42 (2000), 67-86.

Hurtado, Albert L., Intimate Frontiers: Sex, Gender, and Culture in Old California (New Mexico, 1999).

Jacobson, Matthew Frye, Barbarian Virtues: The United States Encounters Foreign Peoples at Home and Abroad, 1876-1917 (Hill & Wang, 2000).

Jameson, Fredric, "Globalization and Strategy," New Left Review, #242 (July `00), 49-69.

Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri, Peace Now! American Society and the Ending of the Vietnam War (Yale, 1999).

Jewitt, Sarah, "Mothering Earth? Gender and Environmental Protection in the Jharkand, India," Journal of Peasant Studies, 27:2 (Jan. `00), 94-131.

Johnson, Walter, "The Slave Trader, the White Slave, and the Politics of Racial Determination in the 1850s," Journal of American History, 87 (2000), 13-36.

Jones, Lu Ann, "Gender, Race, and Itinerant Commerce in the Rural New South," Journal of Southern History, 66 (2000), 297-320.

Juravich, Tom and Kate Bronfenbrenner, Ravenswood: The Steelworkers' Victory and the Revival of American Labor (Cornell, 1999).

Kahana, Jeffrey S., "Master and Servant in the Early Republic, 1780-1830," Journal of the Early Republic, 20 (2000), 27-58.

Kazem, Mohammed, Rizwan Raja, Biju Mathew, Kevin Fitzpatrick, and Dominique Esser, "Reorganizing Organizing: Immigrant Labor in North America," Amerasia Journal, 25:3 (1999/2000), 171-82.

Kelley, Robin D.G., "Interview of Herbert Aptheker," with an autobiographical note and afterword, Journal of American History, 87 (2000), 147-71.

Khor, Diana, "Organizing for Change: Women's Grassroots Activism in Japan," Feminist Studies, 25 (1999), 633-70.

Kinsman, Gary, Dieter K. Buse, and Mercedes Steedman, eds., Whose National Security? Canadian State Surveillance and the Creation of Enemies (Between the Lines, 2000).

Klee, Marcus, "Fighting the Sweatshop in Depression Ontario: Capital, Labour and the Industrial Standards Act," Labour/Le Travail, No. 45 (Spring `00), 13-52.

Kraft, Michael E., "U.S. Environmental Policy and Politics: From the 1960s to the 1990s," Journal of Policy History, 12 (2000), 17-42.

Kupperman, Karen Ordahl, Indians and English: Facing Off in Early America (Cornell, 2000).

Lane, Kris, "The Transition from Encomienda to Slavery in Seventeeth-Century Barbacoas (Colombia)," Slavery & Abolition, 21:1 (April `00), 73-95.

Macieski, Robert, "`The Home of the Workingman is the Balance Wheel of Democracy': Housing Reform in Wartime Bridgeport," Journal of Urban History, 26 (2000), 715-39.

Magubane, Zine, "Ideologies of Personhood: The Struggle for Christian Hegemony in the Cape Colony, 1820-1918," Socialist Review, 27:3+4 (1999), 1-28.

Markowitz, Gerald and David Rosner, "`Cater to the Children': The Role of the Lead Industry in a Public Health Tragedy, 1900-1955," American Journal of Public Health 90 (Jan. `00), 36-46.

Medley, J. E., "The East Asian Economic Crisis: Surging U.S. Imperialism?" Review of Radical Political Economics, 32 (2000), 379-87.

Melosi, Martin V., "Environmental Justice, Political Agenda Setting, and the Myths of History," Journal of Policy History, 12 (2000), 43-71.

Mercier, Laurie, "Class, Gender and Power in the Mining Communities of the Americas," Labour/Le Travail, No. 44 (Fall `99), 205-16.

Meyer, Stephen Grant, As Long As They Don't Move Next Door: Segregation and Racial Conflict in American Neighborhoods&nbsp (Rowman & Littlefield, 2000).

Michaud, Jacinthe, "The Restructuring of the Health Care System in Quebec: Its Impact on the Women's Health Movement," Studies in Political Economy, 61 (Spring `00), 31-48.

Monge, José Trías, Puerto Rico: The Trials of the Oldest Colony in the World (Yale, 1999).

Mostern, Kenneth, "Postcolonialism After W.E.B. Du Bois," Rethinking Marxism, 12:2 (Summer `00), 61-80.

Munck, Ronaldo, "Postmodernism, Politics, and Paradigms in Latin America," Latin American Perspectives, 27 (July `00), 11-26.

Mutari, E., "The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and Competing Visions of the Living Wage," Review of Radical Political Economics, 32 (2000), 408-16.

Naragon, Michael, "From Chattel to Citizen: The Transition from Slavery to Freedom in Richmond, Virginia," Slavery & Abolition, 21:2 (Aug. `00), 93-116.

Newman, Richard, "Not the Only Story in `Amistad': The Fictional Joadson and the Real James Forten," Pennsylvania History, 67 (2000), 218-39.

Newman, Simon, "The World Turned Upside Down: Revolutionary Politics, Fries' and Gabriel's Rebellions, and the Fears of the Federalists," Pennsylvania History, 67 (2000), 5-20.

Niezen, Ronald, "Recognizing Indigenism: Canadian Unity and the International Movement of Indigenous Peoples," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 42 (2000), 119-48.

Obadele-Starks, Ernest, Black Unionism in the Industrial South (Texas A&M, 2000).

Oberdeck, Kathryn J., "From Model Town to Edge City: Piety, Paternalism, and the Politics of Urban Planning in the United States," Journal of Urban History, 26 (2000), 508-18.

"On the Borderland of Ethnicity and Race," special section in Journal of American History, 86 (2000), 1630-87.

Pagán, Eduardo Obregón, "Los Angeles Geopolitics and the Zoot Suit Riot, 1943," Social Science History, 24 (Spring 2000), 223-56.

Paquette, Robert Louis and Louis A. Ferleger, eds., Slavery, Secession, and Southern History (Virginia, 2000).

Parnaby, Andrew, "What's Law Got To Do With It?: The IWA and the Politics of State Power in British Columbia, 1935-1939," Labour/Le Travail, No. 44 (Fall `99), 9-46.

Piven, Frances Fox and Richard A. Cloward, "Power Repertoires and Globalization," Politics & Society, 28 (2000), 413-30.

Pollin, Robert, "Clintonomics," New Left Review, #241 (May `00), 17-46.

Portwood, Shirley J., "`We Lift Our Voices in Thunder Tones': African American Race Men and Race Women and Community Agency in Southern Illinois, 1895-1910," Journal of Urban History, 26 (2000), 740-58.

Powell, Lawrence W., Troubled Memory: Anne Levy, the Holocaust, and David Duke's Louisiana (North Carolina, 2000).

Pozzi, Pablo, "Popular Upheaval and Capitalist Transformation in Argentina," Latin American Perspectives, 27 (Sept. `00), 63-87.

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Reid, Debra, "Rural African Americans and Progressive Reform," Agricultural History, 74 (2000), 322-39.

Riggs, Christopher K., "American Indians, Economic Development, and Self-Determination in the 1960s," Pacific Historical Review, 66 (2000), 431-63.

Robertson, Stacey M., Parker Pillsbury: Radical Abolitionist, Male Feminist (Cornell, 2000).

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Self, Robert, "`To Plan Our Liberation': Black Power and the Politics of Place in Oakland, California, 1965-1977," Journal of Urban History, 26 (2000), 759-92.

Shaffer, Robert, "Women and International Relations: Pearl S. Buck's Critique of the Cold War," Journal of Women's History, 11 (1998), 151-75.

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Stansell, Christine, American Moderns: Bohemian New York and the Creation of a New Century (Metropolitan, 2000).

Steinberg, Ted, Acts of God: The Unnatural History of Natural Disaster in America (Oxford, 2000).

________, "L.A. Exponential: The Case Against Southern California Exceptionalism," Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, 10 (Sept. `99): 52-58.

Storrs, Landon, Civilizing Capitalism: The National Consumers' League, Women's Activism, and Labor Standards in the New Deal Era (North Carolina, 2000).

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Walker, Melissa, "Narrative Themes in Oral Histories of Farming Folk," Agricultural History, 74 (2000), 340-51.

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Zweig, Michael, The Working Class Majority: America's Best Kept Secret (ILR/Cornell, 2000).


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