"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter)

Number 77, December 1997

Abdullah, Ibrahim, "The Colonial State and Wage Labor in Postwar Sierra Leone, 1945-1960: Attempts at Remaking the Working Class," International Labor and Working Class History, No. 50 (Fall '97), 87-105.

Abrams, Lynn, and Elizabeth Harvey, eds., Gender Relations in German History (Duke, 1997).

Adas, Michael, "A Field Matures: Technology, Science, and Western Colonialism," Technology and Culture, 38 (1997), 478-87.

Adler, Glenn, "Shop Floors and Rugby Fields: The Social Basis of Auto Worker Solidarity in South Africa," International Labor and Working Class History, No. 50 (Spring '97), 96-128.

Afrary, Janet, "The War against Feminism in the Name of the Almighty: Making Sense of Gender and Muslim Fundamentalism," New Left Review, #224 (July '97), 89-110.

Amaral, Samuel, The Rise of Capitalism on the Pampas (Cambridge, 1997).

Amin, Shahid and Marcel van der Linden, eds., Peripheral Labour: Studies in the History of Partial Proletarianization (Cambridge, 1997).

Anderson, Bridget, "Servants and Slaves: Europe's Domestic Workers," Race & Class, 39 (July '97), 37-50.

Anderson, Jervis, Bayard Rustin: Troubles I've Seen (HarperCollins, 1996).

Andrews, Dee, "Reconsidering the First Emancipation: Evidence from the Pennsylvania Abolition Society Correspondence, 1785-1810," Pennsylvania History, 64 (Summer '97), 230-49.

Andrews, Gregg, "A Labor Alternative to Corporatist Diplomacy in the Wilson Era," Diplomatic History, 21 (1997), 133-38.

Apostolakou, Lito, "'Greek' Workers or Communist 'Others': The Contending Identities of Organized Labour in Greece, c. 1914-36," Journal of Contemporary History, 32 (1997), 409-24.

Arnold, Dexter, "Ethnic Diversity and Labor Unity: Reflections of the Lowell Textile Strike of 1912," Labor's Heritage, 7:2 (Fall '96), 56-77.

Badillo, David A., "Between Alienation and Ethnicity: The Evolution of Mexican-American Catholicism in San Antonio, 1910-1940," Journal of American Ethnic History, 16:4 (Summer '97), 62-83.

Bahl, Vinay, "Cultural Imperialism and Women's Movements: Thinking Globally," Gender & History, 9 (1997), 1-14.

Bailey, Beth, "Prescribing the Pill: Politics, Culture, and Sexual Revolution in America's Heartland," Journal of Social History, 30 (1997), 827-56.

Blatt, Martin and Martha Norkunas, eds., Work, Recreation, and Culture: Essays in American Labor History (Garland, 1996).

Boyle, Kevin, "The Kiss: Racial and Gender Conflict in a 1950s Automobile Factory," Journal of American History, 84 (1997), 496-23.

Braa, Dan M., "The Great Potato Famine and the Transformation of Irish Peasant Society," Science & Society, 61 (1997), 193-215.

Brattain, Michelle, "Making Friends and Enemies: Textile Workers and Political Action in Post-World War II Georgia," Journal of Southern History, 63 (1997), 91-138.

Brown, Jonathan C., ed., Workers' Control in Latin America, 1930-1979 (North Carolina, 1997).

Burnette, Joyce, "An Investigation of the Female-Male Wage Gap during the Industrial Revolution in Britain," Economic History Review, 50 (1997), 257-81.

Burns, Stewart, ed., Daybreak of Freedom: The Montgomery Bus Boycott (North Carolina, 1997).

Burton, Antoinette, At the Heart of the Empire: Indians and the Colonial Encounter in Late-Victorian Britain (California, 1997).

Burton, Richard D.E., Afro-Creole: Power, Opposition, and Play in the Caribbean (Cornell, 1997).

Bussel, Robert, "'A Love of Unionism and Democracy': Rose Pesotta, Powers Hapgood, and the Industrial Union Movement, 1933-1949," Labor History, 38 (1997), 202-28.

Caulfield, Norman, "Mexican State Development and Labor Internationalism, 1945-1958," International Review of Social History, 42 (1997), 45-66.

Chamberlain, Mary, "Gender and the Narratives of Migration, " History Workshop Journal, No. 43 (Spring '97), 87-110.

Chandavarkar, Rajnarayan, "'The Making of the Working Class': E.P. Thompson and Indian History," History Workshop Journal, No. 43 (Spring '97), 177-198.

________, Imperial Power and Popular Politics: Class, Resistance and the State in India, c. 1850-1950 (Cambridge, 1997).

Chassen-Lopez, Francie R., "From Casa to Calle: Latin American Women Transforming Patriarchal Spaces," Journal of Women's History, 9 (Spring '97),174-91.

Chateauvert, Melinda, Marching Together: Women of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (Illinois, 1997).

Christensen, Kimberly, "'With Whom Do You Believe Your Lot is Cast?' White Feminists and Racism," Signs, 22 (1997), 649-86, with comments by Wendy McKenna and Suzanne Kessler, Steven G. Smith, Joan Wallach Scott, and R.W. Connell.

Clark, John G., "Making Environmental Diplomacy and Integral Part of Diplomatic History," Diplomatic History, 21 (1997), 453-60.

Coelho, Philip R., and Robert A. McGuire, "African and European Bound Labor in the British New World: The Biological Consequences of Economic Choice," Journal of Economic History, 57 (1997), 83-115.

Collins, William J., "When the Tide Turned: Immigration and the Delay of the Great Black Migration," Journal of Economic History, 57 (1997), 607-32.

Cudjoe, Selwyn R., "CLR James and the Trinidad and Tobago Intellectual Tradition, or, Not Learning Shakespeare under a Mango Tree," New Left Review, #223 (May '97), 114-25.

Dale, Elizabeth, "'Social Equality Does Not Exist among Themselves, nor among Us': Baylies v. Curry and Civil Rights in Chicago, 1888," American Historical Review, 102 (1997), 311-39.

Damousi, Joy, Depraved and Disorderly: Female Convicts, Sexuality and Gender in Colonial Australia (Cambridge, 1997).

Daniels, Christine, "'Getting his [or her] Livelyhood': Free Workers in Slave Anglo-America, 1675-1810," Agricultural History, 71 (1997), 125-62.

Dirks, Nicholas B., "The Policing of Tradition: Colonialism and Anthropology in Southern India," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 39 (1997), 182-212.

DuBois, Ellen Carol, Harriot Stanton Blatch and the Winning of Woman Suffrage (Yale, 1997).

Dubow, Saul, "Colonial Nationalism, the Milner Kindergarten and the Rise of 'South Africanism,' 1902-1910," History Workshop Journal, No. 43 (Spring 97), 53-86.

Dworkin, Dennis, Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: History, the New Left, and the Origins of Cultural Studies (Duke, 1997).

"Ecuador: Women and Popular Classes in Struggle," special issue of Latin American Perspectives, 24:4 (July 1997).

Emanuel, Anne S., "Lynching and the Law in Georgia, Circa 1931," William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal, 5 (Winter '96), 215-48.

Endo, Koshi, "Sex and Union Member Discrimination under the Satei System in the Japanese Firm," Review of Radical Political Economics, 29:2 (June '97), 26-44.

Fink, Leon, Progressive Intellectuals and the Dilemmas of Democratic Commitment (Harvard, 1997).

Fitzgerald, Michael W., "The Ku Klux Klan: Property Crime and the Plantation System in Reconstruction Alabama," Agricultural History, 71 (1997), 186-206.

Foeken, Dick and Nia Tellegen, "Proletarianisation, Land, Income and Living Conditions of Farm Labourers in Kenya," Journal of Peasant Studies, 24 (1997), 296-313.

Frader, Laura L., and Sonya Rose, eds., Gender and Class in Modern Europe (Cornell, 1996).

French, John D., and Daniel James, eds., The Gendered Worlds of Latin American Women Workers: From Household and Factory to the Union Hall and the Ballot Box (Duke, 1997).

Gaines, Kevin, "Rethinking Race and Class in African-American Struggles for Equality, 1885-1941," American Historical Review, 102 (1997), 378-87.

"Gender and Welfare Regimes," special section of Social Politics, 4:2 (Summer '97).

Georgia labor history issue, Georgia Historical Quarterly (Summer '97).

Gerstle, Gary, "Liberty, Coercion, and the Making of Americans," Journal of American History, 84 (1997), 524-58, with comments by David A. Hollinger and Donna Gabaccia.

Glickman, Lawrence B., A Living Wage: American Workers and the Making of Consumer Society (Cornell, 1997).

________, "Workers of the World, Consume: Ira Steward and the Origins of Labor Consumerism," International Labor and Working Class History, No. 50 (Fall '97), 72-86.

Godineau, Dominique, Women of Paris and Their French Revolution (California, 1997).

Goldsmith, Larry, "History from the Inside Out: Prison Life in Nineteenth-Century Massachusetts," Journal of Social History, 31 (1997), 109-26.

Goodwin, Joanne L., Gender and the Politics of Welfare Reform: Mothers' Pensions in Chicago, 1911-1929 (Chicago, 1997).

Goossen, Rachel Waltner, Women Against the Good War: Conscientious Objection and Gender on the American Home Front, 1941-1947 (North Carolina, 1997).

Gottfried, Nathan, WCFL: Chicago's Voice of Labor, 1926-78 (Illinois, 1997).

Gould, Virginia Meacham, "'The House that Never Was a Home': Slave Family and Household Organization in New Orleans, 1820-50," Slavery & Abolition, 18:2 (Aug. '97), 90-103.

Graff, Ellen, Stepping Left: Dance and Politics in New York City, 1928-1942 (Duke, 1997).

Greene, Julia, Pure and Simple Politics: The American Federation of Labor, 1881 to 1917 (Cambridge, 1997).

Gustafson, Melanie, "Partisan Women in the Progressive Era: The Struggle for Inclusion in American Political Parties," Journal of Women's History, 9 (Summer '97), 8-30.

Halisi, C.R.D., "From Liberation to Citizenship: Identity and Innovation in Black South African Political Thought," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 39 (1997), 61-85.

Hall, John R., ed., Reworking Class (Cornell, 1997).

Halpern, Rick, Down on the Killing Floor: Black and White Workers in Chicago's Packinghouses, 1904-54 (Illinois, 1997).

Harzig, Christiane, et al., Peasant Maids¨City Women: From the European Countryside to Urban America (Cornell, 1997).

Henry, Katherine, Angelina Grimké's Rhetoric of Exposure," American Quarterly, 49 (1997), 328-55.

Higgins, Kathleen J., "Gender and the Manumission of Slaves in Colonial Brazil: The Prospects for Freedom in Sabara, Minas Gerais, 1710-1809," Slavery & Abolition, 18:2 (Aug. '97), 1-29.

Hine, Darlene Clark, Hine Sight: Black Women and the Reconstruction of American History (Indiana, 1997).

Hodges, Graham Russell, "Flaneurs, Prostitutes, and Historians: Sexual Commerce and Representation in the Nineteenth-Century Metropolis," Journal of Urban History, 23 (1997), 488-97.

Honig, Emily, "Oral History and the Politics of Memory," Journal of Women's History, 9 (1997), 139-57, with a comment by Irene Ledesma.

Houston, Velina Hasu, "To the Colonizer Goes the Spoils: American Progeny in Vietnam War Films and Owning Up to the Gaze," Amerasia Journal, 23:1 (1997), 69-86.

Hung, Chang-Tai, "Two Images of Socialism: Woodcuts in Chinese Communist Politics," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 39 (1997), 34-60.

Hunt, Margaret R., The Middling Sort: Commerce, Gender and the Family in England, 1680-1780 (California, 1996).

Jacka, Tamara, Women's Work in Rural China: Change and Continuity in an Era of Reform (Cambridge, 1997).

Jacoby, Sanford M., Modern Manors: Welfare Capitalism since the New Deal (Princeton, 1997).

Johnson, Howard, The Bahamas from Slavery to Servitude, 1783-1933 (Florida, 1997).

Johnson, Martin P., "Memory and the Cult of Revolution in the 1871 Paris Commune," Journal of Women's History, 9 (1997), 39-57.

Kafka, Judith, "Action, Reaction and Interaction: Slave Women in Resistance in the South of Saint Domingue, 1793-1794," Slavery & Abolition, 18:2 (Aug. '97), 48-72.

Karras, Alan L., "Caribbean Contraband, Slavery Property, and the State, 1767-1792," Pennsylvania History, 64 (Summer '97), 250-69.

Kelly, Catherine E., "'The Consummation of Rural Prosperity and Happiness': New England Agricultural Fairs and the Construction of Class and Gender, 1810-1860," American Quarterly, 49 (1997), 574-602.

Kim, Seung-kyung, Class Struggle or Family Struggle: The Lives of Women Factory Workers in South Korea (Cambridge, 1997).

Kimmeldorf, Howard and Robert Penney, "'Excluded' by Choice: Dynamics of Interracial Unionism on the Philadelphia Waterfront, 1910-1930," International Labor and Working Class History, No. 50 (Spring '97), 50-71.

Kline, Ronald P., "Ideology and Social Surveys: Reinterpreting the Effects of 'Laborsaving' Technology on American Farm Women," Technology and Culture, 38 (1997), 355-85.

Knapper, Karl, "Women and the Black Panther Party: An Interview with Angela Brown," Socialist Review, 26:1/2 (1996), 25-68.

Koditschek, Theodore, "The Gendering of the British Working Class," Gender & History, 9 (1997), 333-63.

Korovin, Tanya, "Indigenous Peasant Struggles and the Capitalist Modernization of Agriculture: Chimborazo, 1964-1991," Latin American Perspectives, 24 (May 1997), 25-49.

Krajcinovic, Ivana, From Company Doctor to Managed Care: The United Mine Workers' Noble Experiment (Cornell, 1997).

Kushnick, Louis, Race, Class and Struggle: Racism and Inequality in Britain, the US and Western Europe (Rivers Oram Press, 1997).

"Labor in the Age of 'Global' Capitalism," special issue of Monthly Review, 48 (July-Aug. '97).

Lees, Lynn Hollen, The Solidarities of Strangers: The English Poor Laws and the People, 1700-1948 (Cambridge, 1997).

Leong, Sow-Theng, Migration and Ethnicity in Chinese History: Hakkas, Pengmin, and Their Neighbors (Stanford, 1997).

London, Christopher, "Class Relations and Capitalist Development: Subsumption in the Colombia Coffee Industry, 1928-92," Journal of Peasant Studies, 24 (1997), 269-95.

Lowen, Rebecca S., Creating the Cold War University: The Transformation of Stanford (California, 1997).

Mackie, Vera, Creating Socialist Women in Japan: Gender, Labour and Activism, 1900-1937 (Cambridge, 1997).

Magray, Mary Peckham, The Transforming Power of the Nuns: Women, Religion, and Cultural Change in Ireland, 1750-1900 (Oxford, 1997).

Maier, Charles S., Dissolution: The Crisis of Communism and the End of East Germany (Princeton, 1997).

Marable, Manning, "Rethinking Black Liberation: Towards a New Protest Paradigm," Race & Class, 38:4 (April '97), 1-14.

Marqusee, Mike, "New Labour and its Discontents," New Left Review, #224 (July '97), 127-42.

Marshall, Susan E., Splintered Sisterhood: Gender and Class in the Campaign Against Woman Suffrage (Wisconsin, 1997).

Marx, Anthony W., Making Race and Nation: A Comparison of the United States, South Africa, and Brazil (Cambridge, 1997).

McCartin, Joseph A., "Abortive Reconstruction: Federal War Labor Policies, Union Organizing, and the Politics of Race, 1917-1920," Journal of Policy History, 9 (1997), 155-83.

McGaw, Judith A., "Inventors and Other Great Women: Toward a Feminist History of Technological Luminaries," Technology and Culture, 38 (1997), 214-31.

McKnight, David, "The Comintern's Seventh Congress and the Australian Labor Party," Journal of Contemporary History, 32 (1997), 395-408.

Meade, Teresa, "Civilizing" Rio: Reform and Resistance in a Brazilian City, 1889-1920 (Penn State, 1996).

Menzies, Heather, "Telework, Shadow Work: The Privatization of Work in the New Digital Economy," Studies in Political Economy, No. 53 (Summer '97), 103-24.

Meyering, Anne C., "Workers in European Cities: 1880 to 1950," Journal of Urban History, 23 (1997), 513-22.

Milkman, Paul, PM: A New Deal in Journalism, 1940-1948 (Rutgers, 1997).

Morgan, Philip D., "The Cultural Implications of the Atlantic Slave Trade: African Regional Origins, American Destinations and new World Developments," Slavery & Abolition, 18:1 (April '97), 122-45.

Naples, Nancy A., "The 'New Consensus' on the Gendered 'Social Contract': The 1987-1988 U.S. Congressional Hearings on Welfare Reform," Signs, 22 (1997), 907-46.

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Nimura, Kazuo, The Asho Riot of 1907: A Social History of Mining in Japan (Duke, 1997).

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Robertson, Claire C., "Black, White, and Red All Over: Beans, Women, and Agricultural Imperialism in Twentieth-Century Kenya," Agricultural History, 71 (1997), 259-99.

________, Trouble Showed the Way: Women, Men, and Trade in the Nairobi Area, 1890-1990 (Indiana, 1997).

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Routes to Slavery: Direction, Ethnicity and Mortality in the Transatlantic Slave Trade," special issue of Slavery & Abolition, 18:1 (April '97).

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