"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter)

Number 70, May 1994

Akgündüz, Ahmet, "Labour Migration from Turkey to Western Europe (1960-1974): An Analytical Review,'' Capital & Class, No. 51 (Autumn '93), 153-94.

Aronowitz, Stanley, "The Situation of the Left in the United States,'' Socialist Review, 93/3 (1994), 5-80.

________, Roll over Beethoven: The Return of Cultural Strife (Wesleyan, 1993).

Ashford, Douglas E., "The Historical and Political Foundations of the Welfare State: A Lost Opportunity for the Left?'' Journal of Policy History, 5 (1993), 311-34.

Babbitt, Kathleen R., "The Productive Farm Woman and the Extension Home Economist in New York State, 1920-1940,'' Agricultural History, 67 (1993), 83-101.

"Becoming a Spectacle: Lesbian and Gay Culture and Politics in the 1990s,'' special sections of Radical America, 24:4 (Sept. -Oct. '90) and 25:1 (Jan.- Mar. '91), both published 1993.

Berenson, Edward, "The Social Interpretation of the French Revolution,'' Contention, 3 (Winter '94), 55-84.

Bernal, Victoria, "Gender, Culture, and Capitalism: Women Reconsidered and the Remaking of Islamic 'Tradition' in a Sudanese Village,'' Comparative Studies in Society and History, 36 (Jan. '94), 36-67.

Berry, Brian J.L., America's Utopian Experiments: Communal Havens from Long-Wave Crises (Univ. Press of New England, 1993).

Best, Gary Dean, The Nickel and Dime Decade: American Popular Culture During the 1930s (Praeger, 1993).

Biezenski, Robert, "Workers' Self-Management and the Technical Intelligentsia in People's Poland,'' Politics & Society, 22 (March '94), 59-88.

Blake, C. Fred, "Foot-binding in Neo-Confucian China and the Appropriation of Female Labor,'' Signs, 19 (Spring '94), 676-712.

Blewett, Mary, "Deference and Defiance: Labor Politics and the Meanings of Masculinity in the Mid-Nineteenth-Century New England Textile Industry,'' Gender & History, 5 (Autumn '93), 398-414.

Bonner, Philip, Peter Delius and Deborah Posel, eds., Apartheid's Genesis, 1935-1962 (Ravan Press, 1994).

Bramall, Chris, "The Role of Decollectivisation in China's Agricultural Miracle, 1978-90,'' Journal of Peasant Studies, 20 (1993), 271-95.

"Brazil in Transition: Democratization, Privatization, and Working-Class Resistance,'' special issue of Latin American Perspectives, No. 80 (Winter '94).

Brennan, James P. and Monica B. Gordillo, "Working Class Protest, Popular Revolt, and Urban Insurrection in Argentina: The 1969 Cordobazo,'' Journal of Social History, 27 (Spring '94), 477-98.

Briskin, Linda, and Patricia McDermott, Women Challenging Unions: Feminism, Democracy, and Militancy (Toronto, 1993).

Bromell, Nicholas K., By the Sweat of the Brow: Literature and Labor in Antebellum America (Chicago, 1994).

Burawoy, Michael and Pavel Krotov, "The Economic Basis of Russia's Political Crisis,'' New Left Review, #198 (Mar.-April '93), 49-70.

Cahn, Susan K., "From the 'Muscle Moll' to the 'Butch' Ballplayer: Mannishness, Lesbianism, and Homophobia in U.S. Women's Sport,'' Feminist Studies, 19 (1993), 343-68.

Carnochan, W.B., The Battleground of the Curriculum: Liberal Education and American Experience (Stanford, 1993).

Caron, Vicki, "The Politics of Frustration: French Jewry and the Refugee Crisis of the 1930s,'' Journal of Modern History, 65 (1993), 311-56.

Cawardine, Richard, Evangelicals and Politics in Antebellum America (Yale, 1993).

Chang, Edward T., "Jewish and Korean Merchants in African American Neighborhoods: A Comparative Perspective,'' Amerasia Journal, 19:2 (1993), 5-22.

Chang, Grace, "Undocumented Latinas: Welfare Beasts of Burden?'' Socialist Review, 93/3 (1994), 151-85.

Charlesworth, Andrew, "From the Moral Economy of Devon to the Political Economy of Manchester, 1790-1812,'' Social History, 18 (1993), 205-18.

Clark, E. Culpepper, The Schoolhouse Door: Segregation's Last Stand at the University of Alabama (Oxford, 1993).

"Colonial and Post-Colonial History,'' special issue of History Workshop, No. 35 (Autumn '93).

Cook, Haruko Taya and Theodore F. Cook, eds., Japan at War: An Oral History (New Press, 1993).

Coons, Lorraine, "'Neglected Sisters' of the Women's Movement: The Perception and Experience of Working Mothers in the Parisian Garment Industry, 1860-1915,'' Journal of Women's History, 5:2 (Fall '93), 50-74.

Crawford, Vicki L., Jacqueline Anne Rouse, and Barbara Woods, eds., Women in the Civil Rights Movement: Trailblazers and Torchbearers, 1941-1965 (Indiana, 1993).

Cummins, Eric, The Rise and Fall of California's Radical Prison Movement (Stanford, 1993).

Daniels, Roger, Prisoners Without Trial (Hill & Wang, 1993).

Donald, Moira, Marxism and Revolution: Karl Kautsky and the Russian Marxists (Yale, 1994).

Drescher, Seymour, "The Long Goodbye: Dutch Capitalism and Antislavery in Comparative Perspective,'' American Historical Review, 99 (Feb. '94), 44-69.

Dublin, Thomas, Transforming Women's Work: New England Lives in the Nineteenth Century (Cornell, 1994).

________, Women at Work: The Transformation of Work and Community in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1826-1860 (second ed., Columbia, 1994).

Egerton, Douglas R., Gabriel's Rebellion: The Virginia Slave Conspiracies of 1800 and 1802 (North Carolina, 1993).

Ellis, Mark, "'Closing Ranks' and 'Seeking Honors': W.E.B. Du Bois in World War I,'' Journal of American History, 79 (1992), 96-124.

Eltis, David, "Europeans and the Rise and Fall of African Slavery in the Americas: An Interpretation,'' American Historical Review, 98 (Dec. '93), 1399-1423.

"European Ports of Emigration,'' special issue of Journal of American Ethnic History, 13:1 (Fall '93).

Farrell, Betty G., Elite Families: Class and Power in Nineteenth-Century Boston (SUNY Press, 1993).

Ferraro, Thomas J., Ethnic Passages: Literary Immigrants in Twentieth-Century America (Chicago, 1993).

Fish, Stanley E., There's No Such Thing as Free Speech: And It's a Good Thing, Too (Oxford, 1993).

Frankenberg, Ruth, White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness (Minnesota, 1993).

Franklin, Jimmie Lewis, "Black Southerners, Shared Experience, and Place: A Reflection,'' Journal of Southern History, 60 (Feb. '94), 3-18.

Franklin, John Hope, The Color Line: Legacy for the Twenty-First Century (Missouri, 1993).

Fraser, Nancy, and Linda Gordon, "A Genealogy of Dependency: Tracing a Keyword of the U.S. Welfare State,'' Signs, 19 (Winter '94), 309-36.

Gardner, Eric, "'This Attempt of Their Sister': Harriet Wilson's Our Nig from Printer to Readers,'' New England Quarterly, 66 (1993), 226-46.

Gatewood, Willard B., Aristocrats of Color: The Black Elite, 1880-1920 (Indiana, 1993).

Geras, Norman, "Democracy and the Ends of Marxism,'' New Left Review, #203 (Jan.-Feb. '94), 92-106.

Gibson, J. William, Warrior Dreams: Paramilitary Culture in Post-Vietnam America (Hill & Wang, 1994).

Goodman, Paul, "The Manual Labor Movement and the Origins of Abolitionism,'' Journal of the Early American Republic, 13 (Fall '93), 355-88.

Gowing, Laura, "Gender and the Language of Insult in Early Modern London,'' History Workshop, No. 35 (Spring '93), 1-21.

Gray, Jane, "Rural Industry and Uneven Development: The Significance of Gender in the Irish Linen Industry,'' Journal of Peasant Studies, 21 (Oct. '93), 590-611.

________, "Gender and Plebian Culture in Ulster,'' Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 24 (1993), 251-70.

Gregg, Robert, Sparks from the Anvil of Oppression: Philadelphia's African Methodists and Southern Migrants, 1890-1940 (Temple, 1993).

Harsch, Donna, "Public Continuity and Private Change? Women's Consciousness and Activity in Frankfurt, 1945-1955,'' Journal of Social History, 27 (1993), 29-58.

Hatton, Timothy J. and Jeffrey G. Williamson, "After the Famine: Emigration from Ireland, 1850-1913,'' Journal of Economic History, 53 (1993), 575-600.

Hellman, Judith Adler, "Mexican Popular Movements, Clientilism, and the Process of Democratization,'' Latin American Perspectives,Î No. 81 (Spring '94), 124-42.

Heppner, Ernest, Shanghai Refuge: A Memoir of a World War II Jewish Ghetto (Nebraska, 1993).

Hess, Gary R., "The Unending Debate: Historians and the Vietnam War,'' Diplomatic History, 18 (Spring '94), 239-64.

Higbee, Mark, "W.E.B. Du Bois, F.B. Ransom, the Madam Walker Company, and Black Business Leadership in the 1930s,'' Indiana Magazine of History, 89 (June 1993), 101-24.

Hill, Herbert and James E. Jones, Jr., eds., Race in America: The Struggle for Equality (Wisconsin, 1993).

"Historical Anthropology of Class Formation,'' special section of Social Science History, 18 (Spring '94), 77-152.

"History of Women and Education,'' special issue of History of Education Quarterly, 33:4 (Winter '93).

Hobbs, Margaret, "Equality and Difference: Feminism and the Defence of Women Workers during the Great Depression,'' Labour/Le Travail, No. 32 (Fall '93), 201-24.

Hogan, Heather, Forging Revolution: Metalworkers, Managers, and the State in St. Petersburg, 1890-1914 (Indiana, 1994).

Holmes, Clive, "Women: Witnesses and Witches,'' Past & Present, No. 140 (Aug. '93), 45-78.

Hopkin, Deian R. and Gregory S. Kealey, eds., Class, Community and the Labour Movement in Wales and Canada, 1850-1930 (Canadian Committee on Labour History, 1992).

Housman, Judy and Ramsay Rutherford, "East Germany in Transition: An Interview with New Forum Founder Jens Reich,'' Radical America, 24:1 (Jan.-Mar. '90), 73Å88.

Hunnicutt, Benjamin Kline, "Kellogg's Six-Hour Day: A Capitalist Vision of Liberation through Managed Work Reduction,'' Business History Review, 66 (1992), 475-522.

Hunter, Andrea G., "Making a Way: Strategies of Southern Urban African-American Families, 1900 and 1936,'' Journal of Family History, 18 (1993), 231-48.

"Imperialism: A Useful Category of Analysis?'' special issue of Radical History Review, No. 57 (Fall '93).

Irons, Peter and Sephanie Guitton, eds., May It Please the Court...: The Most Significant Oral Arguments Made Before the Supreme Court since 1955 (New Press, 1993).

Janken, Kenneth Robert, Rayford W. Logan and the Dilemma of the African-American Intellectual (Massachusetts, 1993).

"Japanese American Internment: Commemorative Issue,'' Amerasia Journal, 19:1 (1993).

Jelin, Elizabeth, "The Politics of Memory: The Human Rights Movement and the Construction of Democracy in Argentina,'' Latin American Perspectives, No. 81 (Spring '94), 38-58.

Johnson, Paul, "Class Law in Victorian England,'' Past & Present, No. 141 (Nov. 93), 147-69.

Kealey, Gregory S. and Greg Patmore, Canadian and Australian Labour History: Towards a Comparative Perspective (Canadian Committee on Labour History, 1992).

Kellow, Margaret M.R., "'For the Sake of Suffering Kansas': Lydia Maria Child, Gender, and the Politics of the 1850s,'' Journal of Women's History, 5:2 (Fall '93), 32-49.

Kent, Susan Kingsley, Making Peace: The Reconstruction of Gender in Interwar Britain (Princeton, 1993).

Knopf, Marcy, ed., The Sleeper Wakes: Harlem Renaissance Stories by Women (Rutgers, 1993).

Lal, Brij V., Doug Munro, and Edward D. Beechert, eds., Plantation Workers: Resistance and Accommodation (Hawaii, 1993).

Lamphere, Louise, et al., Sunbelt Working Mothers: Reconciling Family and Factory (Cornell, 1993).

Lazerow, Jama, "Spokesmen for the Working Class: Protestant Clergy and the Labor Movement in Antebellum New England,'' Journal of the Early American Republic, 13 (Fall '93), 323-54.

Lebowitz, Arieh and Gail Malmgreen, eds., Papers of the Jewish Labor Committee (Garland, 1993).

Levine, Philippa, "'Walking the Streets in a Way No Decent Woman Should': Women Police in World War I,'' Journal of Modern History, 66 (March '94), 34-78.

Lewis, Jane, "Gender, the Family and Women's Agency in the Building of 'Welfare States': The British Case,'' Social History, 19 (Jan. '94), 37-56.

Lincoln, Kenneth, Indi'n Humor: Bicultural Play in Native America (Oxford, 1993).

Linehan, Thomas, "Japanese American Resettlement in Cleveland during and after World War II,'' Journal of Urban History, 20 (Nov. '93), 54-80.

Lockman, Zachary, "Railway Workers and Relational History: Arabs and Jews in British-Ruled Palestine,'' Comparative Studies in Society and History, 35 (1993), 601-27.

"Los Angeles--Struggles toward Multiethnic Community,'' special issue of Amerasia Journal, 19:2 (1993).

Marable, Manning, "Memory and Militancy in Transition: The 1993 March on Washington,'' Race & Class, 35 (Jan.-Mar. '94), 19-32.

Markowitz, Fran, A Community In Spite of Itself: Soviet Jewish Emigrés in New York (Smithsonian, 1993).

Marks, Lara, "Medical Care for Pauper Mothers and Their Infants: Poor Law Provision and Local Demand in East London, 1870-1929,'' Economic History Review, 46 (1993), 518-42.

Marrus, Michael R., "Reflections on the Historiography of the Holocaust,'' Journal of Modern History, 66 (March '94), 92-116.

May, Elaine Tyler, "Ideology and Foreign Policy: Culture and Gender in Diplomatic History,'' Diplomatic History, 18 (Winter '94), 71-78.

McGuire, Philip, Taps for a Jim Crow Army: Letters from Black Soldiers in World War II (Kentucky, 1993).

McIntosh, Robert, "Sweated Labour: Female Needleworkers in Industrializing Canada,'' Labour/Le Travail, No. 32 (Fall '93), 105-38.

McLoughlin, William G., After the Trail of Tears: The Cherokees' Struggle for Sovereignty, 1839-1880 (North Carolina, 1994).

"Memorials for E.P. Thompson,'' special section of Radical History Review, No. 58 (Winter '94), 152-64.

Midgley, Clare, "Anti-Slavery and Feminism in Nineteenth-Century Britain,'' Gender & History, 5 (Autumn '93), 343-62.

Moneyhon, Carl H., The Impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on Arkansas: Persistence in the Midst of Ruin (LSU Press, 1993).

Nelson, Bruce, "Organized Labor and the Struggle for Black Equality in Mobile during World War II,'' Journal of American History, 80 (Dec. '93), 952-88.

Norwood, Vera, Made from This Earth: American Women and Nature (North Carolina, 1993).

Owings, Alison, Frauen: German Women Recall the Third Reich (Rutgers, 1993).

Pike, David Wingate, "Between the Junes: The French Communists from the Collapse of France to the Invasion of Russia,'' Journal of Contemporary History, 28 (1993), 465-86.

Pitts, Walter F., Old Ship of Zion: The Afro-Baptist Ritual in the African Diaspora (Oxford, 1993).

"Questioning our Genes,'' special section of Contention, 2:3 (Spring '93), 21-78.

Rhodes, Chip, "Education as Liberation: The Case of Anzia Yezierska's Bread Givers,'' Science & Society, 57 (1993), 294-312.

Risech, Flavio, "After the Cold War: U.S. Cuba Policy and the Cuban American Community,'' Radical America, 24:3 (July-Sept. '90), 28-33.

Robles, Arodys, and Susan Cotts Watkins, "Immigration and Family Separation in the U.S. at the Turn of the Twentieth Century,'' Journal of Family History, 18 (1993), 191-212.

Rogers, Kim Lacy, Righteous Lives: Narratives of the New Orleans Civil Rights Movement (NYU, 1993).

Rose, Sonya, "Respectable Men, Disorderly Others: The Language of Gender and the Lancashire Weavers' Strike of 1878 in Britain,'' Gender & History, 5 (Autumn '93), 382-97.

Rosenberg, Emily S., "'Foreign Affairs' after World War II: Connecting Sexual and International Politics,'' Diplomatic History, 18 (Winter '94), 59-70.

Sangster, Joan, "The Softball Solution: Female Workers, Male Managers and the Operation of Paternalism at Westclox, 1923-1960,'' Labour/Le Travail, No. 32 (Fall '93), 167-200.

Schneirov, Richard, Pride and Solidarity: A History of the Plumbers and Pipefitters of Columbus, Ohio, 1889-1989 (ILR Press, 1993).

Schoonover, Thomas, The United States in Central America, 1860-1911: Episodes in Social Imperialism and Imperial Rivalry in the World System (Duke, 1991).

Scott, Rebecca J., "Defining the Boundaries of Freedom in the World of Cane: Cuba, Brazil, and Louisiana after Emancipation,'' American Historical Review, 99 (Feb. '94), 70-102.

Shipman, Charles, It Had to Be Revolution: Memoirs of an American Radical (Cornell, 1993).

Sklar, Kathryn Kish, "The Schooling of Girls and Changing Community Values in Massachusetts Towns, 1750-1820, History of Education Quarterly, 33 (Winter '93), 511-42, and 34:69-71.

Smith, Barbara Clark, "Food Rioters and the American Revolution,'' William & Mary Quarterly, 61 (Jan. '94), 3-38.

Smith, Richard, "The Chinese Road to Socialism,'' New Left Review, #199 (May-June '93), 55-99.

Smith, S.A., "Workers and Supervisors: St. Petersburg, 1906-1917 and Shanghai, 1895-1927,'' Past & Present, No. 139 (May '93), 131-77.

Solinger, Rickie, "'A Complete Disaster': Abortion and the Politics of Hospital Abortion Committees, 1950-1970,'' Feminist Studies, 19 (1993), 241-68.

Stovall, Tyler, "Colour-blind France? Colonial Workers during the First World War,'' Race & Class, 35:2 (Oct.- Dec. '93), 41-56.

"Struggle for Popular Participation,'' special issue of Latin American Perspectives, 20:4 (Fall '93).

Struve, Walter, "The Wartime Economy: Foreign Workers, 'Half Jews,' and other Prisoners in a German Town, 1939-1945,'' German Studies Review, 16 (1993), 463-82.

"Symposium on David Brody, Steelworkers in America,'' special section of Labor History, 34 (Fall '93), 457-514.

Tamura, Linda, The Hood River Issei: An Oral History of Japanese Settlers in Oregon's Hood River Valley (Illinois, 1993).

Taylor, Verta, and Leila J. Rupp, "Women's Culture and Lesbian Feminist Activism: A Reconsideration of Cultural Feminism,'' Signs, 19 (Autumn '93), 32-61.

Taylor, William B., and Franklin Pease G.Y., eds., Violence Resistance, and Survival in the Americas: Native Americans and the Legacy of Conquest (Smithsonian, 1993).

"Theorizing Lesbian Experience,'' special issue of Signs, 18:4 Summer '93).

Thompson, Edward, "Anti-Hegemony: The Legacy of William Blake,'' New Left Review, #201 (Sept.-Oct. '93), 26-33.

Thurner, Manuela, "'Better Citizens Without the Ballot': American Antisuffrage Women and Their Rationale During the Progressive Era,'' Journal of Women's History, 5:1 (Spring '93), 33-61.

Todd, Ellen Wiley, The "New Woman'' Revisited: Painting and Gender Politics on Fourteenth Street (California, 1993).

Tokarczyk, Michelle M. and Elizabeth A. Fay, eds., Working-Class Women in the Academy: Laborers in the Knowledge Factory (Massachusetts, 1993).

Truong, Monique Thuy-Dung, "The Emergence of Voices: Vietnamese American Literature, 1975-1990,'' Amerasia Journal, 19:3 (1993), 27-50.

Uno, Roberto, ed., Unbroken Thread: An Anthology of Plays by Asian American Women (Massachusetts, 1993).

van Leeuwen, Marco H.D., "Logic of Charity: Poor Relief in Preindustrial Europe,'' Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 24 (Spring '94), 589-614.

van Onselen, Charles, "The Reconstruction of a Rural Life from Oral Testimony: Critical Notes on the Methodology Employed in the Study of a Black South African Sharecropper,'' Journal of Peasant Studies, 20 (1993), 494-514.

Van Wagner, Martina J., "Are Men's Jobs Becoming Women's Jobs: Substitution and Segmentation in the U.S. Labor Force,'' Review of Radical Political Economics, 25 (Sept. '93), 75-84.

Van Young, Eric, "Agrarian Rebellion and Defense of Community: Meaning and Collective Violence in Late Colonial and Independence-Era Mexico,'' Journal of Social History, 27 (Winter '93), 245-70.

Vernon, James, Politics and the People: A Study in English Political Culture, c. 1815-1867 (Cambridge, 1993).

von Hassell, Malve, "Issei Women: Silences and Fields of Power,'' Feminist Studies, 19 (Fall '93), 549-70.

Walker, Kathy Le Mons, "Peasant Insurrection in China Reconsidered: A Preliminary Examination of the Jun Mountain Peasant Rising, Nantong County, 1863,'' Journal of Peasant Studies, 21 (Oct. '93), 640-68.

Ward, J.R., "The Industrial Revolution and British Imperialism, 1750-1850,'' Economic History Review, 47 (Feb. '94), 44-65.

Watkins, Susan Cotts, ed., After Ellis Island: Newcomers and Natives in the 1910 Census (Russell Sage Foundation, 1993).

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Weir, Robert, "Powderly and the Home Club: The Knights of Labor Joust Among Themselves,'' Labor History, 34 (1993), 84-122.

West, Cornel, Keeping Faith: Philosophy and Race in America (Routledge, 1993).

________, Race Matters (Beacon, 1993).

White, Luise, "Vampire Priests of Central Africa: African Debates about Labor and Religion in Colonial Northern Zambia,'' Comparative Studies in Society and History, 35 (Oct. '93), 746-72.

Winn, Peter, "A Worker's Nightmare: Taylorism and the 1962 Yarur Strike in Chile,'' Radical History Review, No. 58 (Winter '94), 4-34.

Witt, Linda, Karen M. Paget and Glenna Matthews, Running as a Woman: Gender and Power in American Politics (Free Press, 1993).

Wolf, Stephanie, G., As Various as Their Land: The Everyday Lives of 18th Century Americans (HarperCollins, 1993).

Wolfe, Joel, "'Father of the Poor' or 'Mother of the Rich'?: Getúlio Vargas, Industrial Workers, and the Constructions of Class, Gender, and Populism in Sao Paolo, 1930-1954,'' Radical History Review, No. 58 (Winter '94), 80-111.

Worster, Donald, An Unsettled Country: Changing Landscapes of the American West (New Mexico, 1994).

Wright, Annette C., "The Aftermath of the General Strike: Managers and the Workplace at Burlington Mills,'' Journal of Southern History, 60 (Feb. '94), 81-112.

Wright, Erik Olin, "Class Analysis, History and Emancipation,'' New Left Review, #202 (Nov.- Dec. '93), 15-36.

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