"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter)

Number 69, November 1993

Abbott, Philip, Leftward Ho! V.F. Calverton and American Radicalism (Greenwood, 1993).

Abrash, Barbara and Catherine Egan, eds., Mediating History: The MAP Guide to Independent Video by and about African American, Asian American, Latino, and Native American People (NYU, 1993).

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Albritton, Robert, "Did Agrarian Capitalism Exist?'' Journal of Peasant Studies, 20 (1993), 419-41.

Aminzade, Ronald, Ballots and Barricades: Class Formation and Republican Politics in France, 1830-1871 (Princeton, 1993).

Anderson, Karen, Chain Her By One Foot: The Subjugation of Native Women in Seventeenth-Century New France (Routledge, 1993).

Aronowitz, Stanley, Roll over Beethoven: The Return of Cultural Strife (Wesleyan, 1993).

Babbitt, Kathleen R., "The Productive Farm Woman and the Extension Home Economist in New York State, 1920-1940,'' Agricultural History, 67 (1993), 83-101.

Banner-Haley, Charles Pete, The Fruits of Integration: Black Middle-Class Ideology and Culture, 1960-1990 (Mississippi, 1993).

"Becoming a Spectacle: "Lesbian and Gay Politics and Culture in the Nineties,'' special issue of Radical America, 24:4 (Sept.-Oct. '90--published April '93)

Bell-Villada, Gene H., "Why Dinesh D'Souza Has It In for Rigobertu Menchu,'' Monthly Review, 45:1 ((May '93), 36-45.

Berg, Maxine, "What Difference Did Women's Work Make to the Industrial Revolution?'' History Workshop, No. 35 (Spring '93), 22-44.

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Berger, Ronald M., The Most Necessary Luxuries: The Mercers' Company of Coventry, 1550-1680 (Penn State, 1993).

Berlanstein, Lenard R., Rethinking Labor History: Essays on Discourse and Class Analysis (Illinois, 1993).

Bernhardt, Kathryn, Rents, Taxes, and Peasant Resistance: The Lower Yangzi Region, 1840-1950 (Stanford, 1993).

Bernstein, Michael A. and David Adler, eds., Understanding American Economic Decline (Cambridge, 1993).

Berquist, Charles, "Labor History and Its Challenges: Confessions of a Latin Americanist,'' American Historical Review, 98 (1993), 757-64.

Berry, Brian J.L., America's Utopian Experiments: Communal Havens from Long-Wave Crises (Univ. Press of New England, 1993).

Best, Gary Dean, The Nickel and Dime Decade: American Popular Culture During the 1930s (Praeger, 1993).

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Bolt, Christine, The Women's Movements in the United States and Britain from the 1790s to the 1920s (Massachusetts, 1993).

Borstelmann, Thomas, Apartheid's Reluctant Uncle: The United States and Southern Africa in the Early Cold War (Oxford, 1993).

Bose, Sugata, Peasant Labour and Colonial Capital: Rural Bengal since 1790 (Cambridge, 1993).

Bracey, John and August Meier, "Towards a Research Agenda on Blacks and Jews in United States History,'' Journal of American Ethnic History, 12:3 (Spring '93), 60-67.

Bramall, Chris, "The Role of Decollectivisation in China's Agricultural Miracle, 1978-90,'' Journal of Peasant Studies, 20 (1993), 271-95.

Breen, T.H., "Narrative of Commercial Life: Consumption, Ideology, and Community on the Eve of the American Revolution, William & Mary Quarterly, 50 (1993), 471-501.

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Brody, David, In Labor's Cause: Main Themes on the History of the American Worker (Oxford, 1993).

Burawoy, Michael and Pavel Krotov, "The Economic Basis of Russia's Political Crisis,'' New Left Review, #198 (Mar.-April '93), 49-70.

Bushman, Richard L., The Refinement of America: Persons, Houses, Cities (Vintage, 1993).

Cahn, Susan K., "From the 'Muscle Moll' to the 'Butch' Ballplayer: Mannishness, Lesbianism, and Homophobia in U.S. Women's Sport,'' Feminist Studies, 19 (1993), 343-68.

Cameron, Ardis, Radicals of the Worst Sort: Laboring Women in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1860-1912 (Illinois, 1993).

Carney, Judith A., "From Hands to Tutors: African Expertise in the South Carolina Rice Economy,'' Agricultural History, 67 (1993), 1-30.

Carnochan, W.B., The Battleground of the Curriculum: Liberal Education and American Experience (Stanford, 1993).

Caron, Vicki, "The Politics of Frustration: French Jewry and the Refugee Crisis of the 1930s,'' Journal of Modern History, 65 (1993), 311-56.

Cawardine, Richard, Evangelicals and Politics in Antebellum America (Yale, 1993).

Chandavarkar, Rajnarayan, The Origins of Industrial Capitalism in India: Business Strategies and the Working Classes of Bombay, 1900-1940 (Cambridge, 1993).

Charlesworth, Andrew, "From the Moral Economy of Devon to the Political Economy of Manchester, 1790-1812,'' Social History, 18 (1993), 205-18.

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Clark, E. Culpepper, The Schoolhouse Door: Segregation's Last Stand at the University of Alabama (Oxford, 1993).

Clausen, John A., American Lives: Looking Back at the Children of the Depression (Free Press, 1993).

Cline, Sarah, "The Spiritual Conquest Reexamined: Baptism and Christian Marriage in Early Sixteenth-Century Mexico,'' Hispanic American Historical Review, 73 (1993), 453-80.

Cohen, Miriam, Workshop to office: Two Generations of Italian Women in New York City, 1900-1950 (Cornell, 1993).

Cook, Haruko Taya and Theodore F. Cook, eds., Japan at War: An Oral History (New Press, 1993).

Cooke, Miriam and Angela Woollacott, eds., Gendering War Talk (Princeton, 1993).

Cross, Gary, "Time, Money and Labor History's Encounter with Consumer Culture,'' International Labor and Working Class History, No. 43 (Spring '93),2-17, with responses by Michael Rustin and Victoria de Grazia.

Cumings, Bruce, "'Revisiting Postrevisionism,' or The Poverty of Theory in Diplomatic History,'' Diplomatic History, 17 (1993), 539-70.

Cummins, Eric, The Rise and Fall of California's Radical Prison Movement (Stanford, 1993).

Daniels, Roger, Prisoners Without Trial (Hill & Wang, 1993).

Derickson, Alan, "From Company Doctors to Union Hospitals: The First Democratic Health-Care Experiments of the United Mine Workers of America,'' Labor History, 33 (1992), 325-42.

Dower, John W., Japan in War and Peace: Collected Essays (New Press, 1993).

Dyck, Ian, "William Cobbett and the Rural Radical Platform,'' Social History, 18 (1993), 185-204.

Dykstra, Robert R., Bright Radical Star: Black Freedom and White Supremacy on the Hawkeye Frontier (Harvard, 1993).

"E.P. Thompson and the English Working Class,'' special section of Radical History Review, No. 56 (Spring '93), 59-100.

Eagles, Charles W., Outside Agitator: Jon Daniels and the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama (North Carolina, 1993).

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Fink, Gary M., The Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills Strike of 1914-1915: Espionage, Labor Conflict, and New South Industrial Relations (ILR Press, 1993).

Fink, Leon, "Culture's Last Stand? Gender and the Search for Synthesis in American Labor History,'' Labor History, 34:2-3 (Spring-Summer '93), 178-89.

Finn, Martot C., After Chartism: Class and Nation in English Radical Politics, 1848-1874 (Cambridge, 1993).

Fish, Stanley E., There's No Such Thing as Free Speech: And It's a Good Thing, Too (Oxford, 1993).

Folbre, Nancy, and Barnet Wagman, "Counting Housework: New Estimates of Real Product in the United States, 1800-1860,'' Journal of Economic History, 53 (1993), 275-88.

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Frank, Dana, Purchasing Power: Consumer Organizing, Gender, and the Seattle Labor Movement (Cambridge, 1993).

Frankenberg, Ruth, White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness (Minnesota, 1993).

Franklin, John Hope, The Color Line: Legacy for the Twenty-First Century (Missouri, 1993).

Frisch, Michael and Milton Rogovin, Portraits in Steel (Cornell, 1993).

Garcia, Mario T., Memories of Chicano History: The Life and Narrative of Bert Corona (California, 1993).

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"Gender and the Reconstruction of Labor History,'' a special issue of Labor History, 34:2-3 (Spring-Summer '93).

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"Gendering our Questions,'' special section of Contention, 2:3 (Spring '93), 79-186.

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