"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter)

Number 68, May 1993

Adero, Malaika, ed., Up South: Stories, Studies and Letters of This Century's African American Migrations (New Press, 1993).

Andrews, George Reid, "Racial Inequality in Brazil and the United States: A Statistical Comparison,'' Journal of Social History, 26 (1992), 229-64.

Appy, Christian G., Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam (North Carolina, 1993).

Arnesen, Eric, "Following the Color Line of Labor: Black Workers and the Labor Movement before 1930,'' Radical History Review, #55 (Winter '93), 53-89.

Aronson, Ronald, "South Africa as Apartheid Unwinds,'' Socialist Review, 22:2 (April-June '92), 97-116.

Barker-Benfield, G.J., The Culture of Sensibility: Sex and Society in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Chicago, 1992).

Barrett, James R., "Americanization from the Bottom Up: Immigration and the Remaking of the Working Class in the United States, 1880-1930,'' Journal of American History, 79 (1992), 996-1020.

Berlanstein, Lenard R., "The Distinctiveness of the Nineteenth-Century French Labor Movement,'' Journal of Modern History, 64 (1992), 660-85.

Berlin, Ira, Barbara J. Fields, Steven F. Miller, Joseph P. Reidy, and Leslie S. Rowland, eds., Free at Last: A Documentary History of Slavery, Freedom, and the Civil War (New Press, 1993).

Berlin, Ira, et al., Slaves No More: Essays on Emancipation and the Civil War (Cambridge, 1992).

Bernhard, Virginia, "'Men, Women and Children' at Jamestown: Population and Gender in Early Virginia, 1607-1610,'' Journal of Southern History, 58 (1992), 599-618.

Bernstein, Barton J., "Seizing the Contested Terrain of Early Nuclear History: Stimson, Conant, and Their Allies Explain the Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb,'' Diplomatic History, 17 (1993), 35-72.

Bess, Michael D., "E.P. Thompson: The Historian as Activist,'' American Historical Review, 98 (1993), 18-38.

Birdwell-Pheasant, Donna, "Irish Households in the Early Twentieth Century: Culture, Class, and Historical Contingency,'' Journal of Family History, 18 (1993), 19-38.

Blackburn, George and Sherman Ricards, "Unequal Opportunity on a Mining Frontier: The Role of Gender, Race, and Birthplace,'' Pacific Historical Review, 62 (1993), 19-38.

Blom, Ida, "Widowhood: From Poor Law Society to the Welfare Society: The Case of Norway, 1875-1964,'' Journal of Women's History, 4:2 (Fall '92), 52-81.

Bohstedt, John, "The Moral Economy and the Discipline of Historical Context,'' Journal of Social History, 26 (1992), 265-84.

Bonnell, Victoria E., "The Peasant Woman in Stalinist Political Art of the 1930s,'' American Historical Review, 98 (1993), 55-82.

Borus, Daniel H., ed., These United States: Portraits of America from the 1920s (Cornell, 1992).

Boswell, Laird, "The French Rural Communist Electorate,'' Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 23 (1993), 719-50.

Bracey, John H. Jr., and August Meier, "Allies or Adversaries? The NAACP, A. Philip Randolph and the 1941 March on Washington,'' Georgia Historical Quarterly, 75 (1991), 1-17.

Broad, David, "Democracy in Times of War and Socialist Crisis: Reflections Stemming from the Sandinista Revolution,'' Latin American Perspectives, No. 77 (Spring '93), 21-44.

Brody, David, "Reconciling the Old Labor History and the New,'' Pacific Historical Review, 62 (1993), 1-18.

Brundage, David, "After the Labor League: The Persistence of Irish-American Labor Radicalism in Denver, 1897-1905,'' Journal of American Ethnic History, 11 (Spring '92), 3-26.

Brunk, Samuel, "Zapata and the City Boys: In Search of a Piece of the Revolution,'' Hispanic American Historical Review, 73 (1993), 33-66.

Burgess, Norma J., and Hayward Derrick Horton, "African American Women and Work: A Socio-Historical Perspective,'' Journal of Family History, 18 (1993), 53-64.

Campbell, Tracy A., "The Limits of Agrarian Action: The 1908 Kentucky Tobacco Strike,'' Agricultural History, 66 (Summer 1992), 76-97.

Cannon, James P., James P. Cannon and the Early Years of American Communism: Selected Writings and Speeches, 1920-1928 (Spartacist Publishing, 1992).

Carling, Alan, "Analytical Marxism and Historical Materialism: The Debate on Social Evolution,'' Science & Society, 57 (1993), 31-65.

Caspar, Scott E., "An Uneasy Marriage of Sentiment and Scholarship: Elizabeth F. Ellet and the Domestic Origins of American Women's History,'' Journal of Women's History, 4:2 (Fall '92), 10-35.

Cecil-Fronsman, Bill, Common Whites: Class and Culture in Antebellum North Carolina (Kentucky, 1992).

Chandra, Nirmal Kumar, "Bukharin's Alternative to Stalin: Industrialisation without Forced Collectivisation,'' Journal of Peasant Studies, 20 (1992), 97-159.

Cohen, Robert, Revolt of the Depression Generation: America's First Student Protest Movement, 1929-1940 (Oxford, 1993).

Cornelius, Janet Druitsman, When I Can Read My Title Clear: Literacy, Slavery and Religion in the Antebellum South (South Carolina, 1993).

Cottrell, Robert C., Izzy: A Biography of I.F. Stone (Rutgers, 1992).

Couvares, Francis M., "Hollywood, Main Street, and the Church: Trying to Censor the Movies before the Production Code,'' American Quarterly, 44 (1992), 584-616.

Davis, Colin J., "Bitter Conflict: The 1922 Railroad Shopmen's Strike,'' Labor History, 33 (1992), 433-55.

Davis, Flora, Moving the Mountain: The Women's Movement in America since 1960 (Simon & Schuster, 1992).

Davis, Mike, "Who Killed Los Angeles?'' New Left Review, #197 (Jan.-Feb. '93), 3-28.

Derickson, Alan, "From Company Doctors to Union Hospitals: The First Democratic Health-Care Experiments of the United Mine Workers of America,'' Labor History, 33 (1992), 325-42.

Dublin, Thomas, ed., Farm to Factory: Women's Letters, 1830-1860 (revised and expanded ed., Columbia, 1993).

________, ed., Immigrant Voices: New Lives in America, 1773-1986 (Illinois, 1993).

Durham, Martin, "Gender and the British Union of Fascists,'' Journal of Contemporary History, 27 (1992), 513-30.

Ehrenberg, John, The Dictatorship of the Proletariat: Marxism's Theory of Socialist Democracy (Routledge, 1992).

Ellis, Mark, "'Closing Ranks' and 'Seeking Honors': W.E.B. Du Bois in World War I,'' Journal of American History, 79 (1992), 96-124.

Escobar, Edward J., "The Dialectics of Repression: The Los Angeles Police and the Chicano Movement, 1968-1971, Journal of American History, 79 (1993), 1483-1514.

"Explaining the Law in Early American History--A Symposium,'' special issue of William & Mary Quarterly, 50 (Jan. '93).

Faragher, John Mack, "The Frontier Trail: Rethinking Turner and Reimagining the American West,'' American Historical Review, 98 (1993), 106-17.

Faust, Drew Gilpin, Southern Stories: Slaveholders in Peace and War (Missouri, 1992).

Feltes, N.N., "Misery or the Production of Misery: Defining Sweated Labour in 1890,'' Social History, 17 (1992), 441-52.

Fleming, Cynthia Griggs, "Black Women Activists and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee: The Case of Ruby Doris Smith Robinson,'' Journal of Women's History, 4:3 (Winter '93), 64-83.

Fox, Richard W. and T.J. Jackson Lears, eds., The Power of Culture: Critical Essays in American History (Chicago, 1993).

Fraser, Nancy and Linda Gordon, "Contract versus Charity: Why Is There No Social Citizenship in the United States?'' Socialist Review, 22:3 (July-Sept. '92), 45-68.

Fraser, Valerie, "Architecture and Ambition: The Case of the Jesuits in the Viceroyalty of Peru,'' History Workshop, No. 34 (Autumn '92), 17-32.

French, William E., "Prostitutes and Guardian Angels: Women, Work, and the Family in Porfirian Mexico,'' Hispanic American Historical Review, 72 (1992), 529-54.

"The Future of Socialism,'' special issue of Review of Radical Political Economics, 24 (Fall-Winter '92).

Gaspar, David Barry, "Working the System: Antigua Slaves and Their Struggle to Live,'' Slavery & Abolition, 13 (1992), 131-55.

"Gender and Employment Challenges of the Nineties,'' special section in Journal of Women's History, 4:3 (Winter '93), 137-61.

Gentile, Emilio, "Impending Modernity: Fascism and the Ambivalent Image of the United States,'' Journal of Contemporary History, 28 (1993), 7-30.

Gordon, Felicia, "Reproductive Rights: The Early Twentieth Century European Debate,'' Gender & History, 4 (1992), 387-99.

Grill, Johnpeter Horst and Robert L. Jenkins, "The Nazis and the American South in the 1930s: A Mirror Image?'' Journal of Southern History, 58 (1992), 667-94.

Grossbart, Stephen R., "Quantitative and Social Science Methods for Historians: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Books and Articles,'' Historical Methods, 25 (1992), 100-20.

Gutierrez, Ramon E., "Community, Patriarchy and Individualism: The Politics of Chicano History and the Dream of Equality,'' American Quarterly, 45 (1993), 44-72.

Gutmann, Matthew C., "Rituals of Resistance: A Critique of the Theory of Everyday Forms of Resistance,'' with a reply from James C. Scott, Latin American Perspectives, No. 77 (Spring '93), 74-96.

Harrold, Stanley, "John Brown's Forerunners: Slave Rescue Attempts and the Abolitionists, 1841-51,'' Radical History Review, #55 (Winter '93), 89-112.

Harvey, Brett, The Fifties: A Women's Oral History (HarperCollins, 1992).

Hensley, Paul B., "Time, Work, and Social Context in New England,'' New England Quarterly, 65 (1992), 531-59.

Herbert, Ulrich, "Labour and Extermination: Economic Interest and Primacy of Weltanschauung in National Socialism,'' Past & Present, No. 138 (Feb. '93), 144-95.

Hine, Darlene Clark, ed., Black Women in America: An Encyclopedia, 2 vols. (Carlson, 1993).

Hirsch, Arnold R. and Joseph Logsdon, eds., Creole New Orleans: Race and Americanization (LSU Press, 1992).

"History and Feminist Theory,'' a special issue of History and Theory, 31:4 (1992).

Hoerder, Dirk and Horst Rössler, eds. Distant Magnets: Expectations and Realities in the Immigrant Experience (Holmes & Meier, 1993).

Hoffman, Emily P., "Racial Differences in the Feminization of Poverty,'' Review of Black Political Economy, 21 (Summer '92), 19-32.

Honey, Michael K., Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights: Organizing Memphis Workers (Illinois, 1992).

Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz, "'Nous Autres': Reading, Passion, and the Creation of M. Carey Thomas,'' Journal of American History, 79 (1992), 68-95.

Horrell, Sara and Jane Humphries, "Old Questions, New Data, and Alternative Perspectives: Families' Living Standards in the Industrial Revolution,'' Journal of Economic History, 52 (1992), 849-80.

Housman, Judy and Ramsay Rutherford, "East Germany in Transition: An Interview with New Forum Founder Jens Reich,'' Radical America, 24:1 (Jan-Mar. '90), 73-88.

Howard, M.C., and J.E. King, A History of Marxian Economics, volume 2, 1929-1990 (Princeton, 1992).

Hunt, James L., "Populism, Law, and the Corporation: The 1897 Kansas Supreme Court,'' Agricultural History, 66 (Fall 1992), 28-54.

Hunter, James Davison, Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America (Basic, 1992).

Hyclak, Thomas, Larry W. Taylor, and James B. Stewart, "Some New Historical Evidence on the Impact of Affirmative Action: Detroit, 1972,'' Review of Black Political Economy, 21 (Fall '92), 81-98.

"The Invention of Ethnicity: A Perspective from the U.S.A.,'' special section of Journal of American Ethnic History, 12:1 (Fall '92).

Jablonsky, Thomas, Pride in the Jungle: Community and Everyday Life in Back of the Yards Chicago (Johns Hopkins, 1993).

Jordan, Winthrop D., Tumult and Silence at Second Creek: An Inquiry into a Civil War Slave Conspiracy (LSU Press, 1993).

Katz, Michael B., ed., The "Underclass'' Debate: Views from History (Princeton, 1993).

Katznelson, Ira, Marxism and the City (Oxford, 1992).

Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky and Madeline D. Davis, Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community (Routledge, 1993).

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Krebs, Paula, "'The Last of the Gentlemen's Wars': Women in the Boer War Concentration Camp Controversy,'' History Workshop, No. 33 (Spring '92), 38-56.

Kruman, Mark W., "The Second American Party System and the Transformation of Revolutionary Republicanism,'' Journal of the Early American Republic, 12 (1992), 509-38.

Kulikoff, Allan, The Agrarian Origins of American Capitalism (Virginia, 1992).

Kull, Andrew, The Color-Blind Constitution (Harvard, 1992).

Kushner, Howard I., "Suicide, Gender, and the Fear of Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Medical and Social Thought,'' Journal of Social History, 26 (1993), 461-90.

Leslie, Stuart W., The Cold War and American Science: The Military-Industrial-Academic Complex at MIT and Stanford (Columbia, 1993).

Leupp, Gary P., Servants, Shophands, and Laborers in the Cities of Tokugawa Japan (Princeton, 1992).

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________, "The Historical Odyssey of Nathan Irvin Huggins,'' Radical History Review, #55 (Winter '93), 113-34.

Lewis, Jane and Gertrude Aström, "Equality, Difference, and State Welfare: Labor Market and Family Policies in Sweden,'' Feminist Studies, 18 (1992), 59-87.

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Lichtenstein, Nelson, and Howell John Harris, eds., Industrial Democracy in America (Cambridge, 1993.

Linebaugh, Peter, The London Hanged: Crime and Civil Society in the Eighteenth Century (Cambridge, 1992).

Lyon, Danny, Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement (North Carolina, 1993).

Maier, Pauline, "The Revolutionary Origins of the American Corporation,'' William & Mary Quarterly, 50 (1993), 51-84.

Mangione, Jerre and Ben Morreale, La Storia: Five Centuries of the Italian-American Experience (HarperCollins, 1992).

Marchand, Roland, "The Corporation Nobody Knew: Bruce Barton, Alfred Sloan, and the Founding of the General Motors 'Family,''' Business History Review, 65 (1991), 825-75.

Margadant, Ted W., Urban Rivalries in the French Revolution (Princeton, 1992).

"Marxism After Communism,'' a special issue of Rethinking Marxism, 5:2 (Summer '92).

Matsumoto, Valerie, Farming the Home Place: A Japanese American Community in California, 1919-1982 (Cornell, 1993).

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Youngblood, Denise J., Movies for the Masses: Popular Cinema and the Soviet Society in the 1920s (Cambridge, 1992).

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