"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter)

Number 67, November 1992

Abbott, Richard H., Cotton and Capital: Boston Businessmen and Antislavery Reform, 1854-1868 (Massachusetts, 1992).

Abdo, Nahla, "Racism, Zionism and the Palestinian Working Class, 1920-1947," Studies in Political Economy, No. 37 (Spring '92), 59-94.

Adelman, Jeremy, "Socialism and Democracy in Argentina in the Age of the Second International," Hispanic American Historical Review, 72 (1992), 211-38.

Alessio, Dominic T., "Capitalist Realist Art: Industrial Images of Hamilton, Ontario, 1884-1910," Journal of Urban History, 18 (1992), 442-69.

Alpern, Sarah, et al., eds., The Challenge of Feminist Biography: Writing the Lives of Modern American Women (Illinois, 1992).

Anbinder, Tyler, Nativism and Slavery: The Northern Know Nothings and the Politics of the 1850s (Oxford, 1992).

Anderson, Margo, "The History of Women and the History of Statistics," Journal of Women's History, 4 (1992), 14-36.

Anderson, Philip J. and Dag Blanck, eds., Swedish-American Life in Chicago: Cultural and Urban Aspects of an Immigrant People, 1850-1930 (Illinois, 1992).

Apess, William, On Our Own Ground: The Complete Writings of William Apess, a Pequot, ed. with an intro. by Barry O'Connell (Massachusetts, 1992).

Aptheker, Herbert, Anti-Racism in U.S. History: The First Two Hundred Years (Greenwood, 1992).

Axtell, James, Beyond 1492: Encounters in Colonial North America (Oxford, 1992).

Baud, Michiel, "Sugar and Unfree Labour: Reflections on Labour Control in the Dominican Republic, 1870-1935," Journal of Peasant Studies, 19 (1992), 301-25.

Baym, Nina, Feminism and American Literary History (Rutgers, 1992).

Beeman, Richard R., "Deference, Republicanism, and the Emergence of Popular Politics in Eighteenth-Century America," William & Mary Quarterly, 49 (1992), 401-30.

Bender, Thomas, ed., The Antislavery Debate: Capitalism and Abolitionism as a Problem in Historical Interpretation (California, 1992).

Berg, Maxine, "The First Women Economic Historians," Economic History Review, 45 (1992), 308-29.

Berger, Iris, Elsa Barkley Brown, and Nancy A. Hewitt, "Intersections and Collision Courses: Women, Blacks, and Workers Confront Gender, Race, and Class (Symposium)," Feminist Studies, 18 (1992), 283-326.

Berger, Iris, Threads of Solidarity: Women in South African Industry, 1900-1980 (Indiana, 1992).

Boston, Thomas D., "Sixteenth-Century European Expansion and the Economic Decline of Africa," Review of Black Political Economy, 20:4 (Spring '92), 5-38.

Brundage, David, "After the Labor League: The Persistence of Irish-American Labor Radicalism in Denver, 1897-1905," Journal of American Ethnic History, 11 (Spring '92), 3-26.

Bushman, Claudia, America Discovers Columbus: How an Italian Explorer Became an American Hero (University Press of New England, 1992).

Canning, Kathleen, "Gender and the Politics of Class Formation: Rethinking German Labor History," American Historical Review, 97 (1992), 736-68.

Caraway, Nancie, Segregated Sisterhood: Racism and the Politics of American Feminism (Tennessee, 1992).

Carby, Hazel V., "The Multicultural Wars," Radical History Review, No. 54 (Fall '92), 7-20.

Carr, Lois Green, "Emigration and the Standard of Living: The Seventeenth Century Chesapeake," Journal of Economic History, 52 (1992), 271-92.

Carson, Clayborne, Ralph Luker, and Penny A. Russell, eds., The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. (California, 1992).

Ceplair, Larry, ed., Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Non-Fiction Reader (Columbia, 1992).

Chen, Hsiang-shui, Chinatown No More: Taiwan Immigrants in Contemporary New York (Cornell, 1992).

Christensen, Kimberly, "Political Determinants of Income Changes for African-American Women and Men," Review of Radical Political Economics, 24:1 (Spring '92), 52-70.

Clement, Priscilla Ferguson, "Nineteenth-Century Welfare Policy, Programs, and Poor Women: Philadelphia as a Case Study," Feminist Studies, 18 (1992), 35-58.

Cohen, Marilyn, "Survival Strategies in Female-Headed Households: Linen Workers in Tullylish, County Downs, 1901," Journal of Family History, 17 (1992), 303-18.

Cohn, Raymond L., "The Occupations of English Immigrants to the United States, 1836-1853," Journal of Economic History, 52 (1992), 377-88.

"Columbus and the New World Order, 1492-1992," special issue of Monthly Review, 44:3 (July-Aug. '92).

Cook, Blanche Wiesen, Eleanor Roosevelt, vol. 1, 1884-1933 (Penguin, 1992).

Coppin, Addington, "Recent U.S. Economic Policies and the Central Caribbean Economies," Review of Black Political Economy, 20:4 (Spring '92), 55-72.

Crapol, Edward P., "Coming to Terms with Empire: The Historiography of Late-Nineteenth-Century American Foreign Relations," Diplomatic History, 16 (1992), 573-99.

Craton, Michael, "The Transition from Slavery to Free Wage Labour in the Caribbean, 1790-1890: A Survey with Particular Reference to Recent Scholarship," Slavery & Abolition, 13:2 (Aug. '92), 37-67.

D'Emilio, John, Making Trouble: Essays on Gay History, Politics, and the University (Routledge, 1992).

Davis, Natalie Zemon, "Women and the World of the Annales," History Workshop, No. 33 (Spring '92), 121-37.

Day, Tanis, "Capital-Labor Substitution in the Home," Technology and Culture, 33 (1992), 302-27.

Demarest, David Jr. and Russell Gibbons, eds., "The River Ran Red": Homestead 1892 (Pittsburgh, 1992).

Deutsch, Sarah, "Learning to Talk More Like a Man: Boston Women's Class-Bridging Organizations, 1870-1940," American Historical Review, 97 (1992), 379-404.

Devens, Carol, Countering Colonization: Native American Women and Great Lakes Missions, 1630-1900 (California, 1992).

DeVoto, F., "Italian Emigrants and Argentine Society: Problems of Models and Sources," Journal of European Economic History, 20 (1992), 629-44.

Deyle, Steven, "The Irony of Liberty: Origins of the Domestic Slave Trade," Journal of the Early American Republic, 12 (1992), 37-62.

Diamond, Sigmund, Compromised Campus: The Collaboration of Universities with the Intelligence Community, 1945-1955 (Oxford, 1992).

Donaldson, Laura, Decolonizing Feminisms: Race, Gender, and Empire-Building (North Carolina, 1992).

Durham, Martin, "Gender and the British Union of Fascists," Journal of Contemporary History, 27 (1992), 513-30.

Ellis, Mark, "'Closing Ranks' and 'Seeking Honors': W.E.B. Du Bois in World War I," Journal of American History, 79 (1992), 96-124.

"The End of the Cold War: A Symposium II," Diplomatic History, 16 (1992), 223-318.

Epstein, Barbara, "'Political Correctness' and Collective Powerlessness," Socialist Review, 21:3,4 (July-Dec. '91), 13-36.

"The European Peasant Family and Economy," special issue of Journal of Family History, 17:2 (1992).

Farnsworth, Beatrice and Lynne Viola, eds., Russian Peasant Women (Oxford, 1992).

Faust, Drew Gilpin, "'Trying to Do a Man's Business': Slavery, Violence and Gender in the American Civil War," Gender & History, 4 (1992), 197-214.

Ferguson, Ann, "Lesbianism, Feminism, and Empowerment in Nicaragua," Socialist Review, 21:3,4 (July-Dec. '91), 75-98.

Fisher, David James, "The Suicide of a Survivor: Some Intimate Perceptions of Bettelheim's Suicide," The Psychoanalytic Review (Dec. 1992).

Fitch, Nancy, "Mass Culture, Mass Parliamentary Politics, and Modern Anti-Semitism: The Dreyfus Affair in Rural France," American Historical Review, 97 (1992), 55-95.

"Forum: Socialism after Communism," special section in Studies in Political Economy, No. 38 (Summer '92), 139-74.

Franklin, John Hope, Race and History: Selected Essays, 1938-1988 (LSU Press, 1992).

Freeman, Joshua and Steve Rosswurm, "The Education of an Anti-Communist: Father John F. Cronin and the Baltimore Labor Movement," Labor History, 33 (1992), 217-47.

Fremdling, R., "The Puddler--A Craftsman's Skill and the Spread of a New Technology in Belgium, France and Germany," Journal of European Economic History, 20 (1992), 529-68.

Friedlander, Saul, ed., Probing the Limits of Representation: Nazism and the "Final Solution" (Harvard, 1992).

Gamber, Wendy, "A Precarious Independence: Milliners and Dressmakers in Boston, 1860-1880," Journal of Women's History, 4 (1992), 60-88.

Gilderhus, Mark T., "An Emerging Synthesis? U.S.-Latin American Relations since the Second World War," Diplomatic History, 16 (1992), 429-52.

Gilje, Paul A. and Howard B. Rock, eds., Keepers of the Revolution: New Yorkers at Work in the Early Republic (Cornell, 1992).

Gillespie, Richard, Manufacturing Knowledge: A History of the Hawthorne Experiments (Cambridge, 1992).

Glenn, Evelyn Nakano, "From Servitude to Service Work: Historical Continuities in the Racial Division of Paid Reproductive Labor," Signs, 18 (1992), 1-43.

Goggin, Jacqueline, "Challenging Sexual Discrimination in the Historical Profession: Women Historians and the American Historical Association, 1880-1940," American Historical Review, 97 (1992), 769-802.

Gordon, Linda, "Social Insurance and Public Assistance: The Influence of Gender in Welfare Thought in the United States, 1890-1935," American Historical Review, 97 (1992), 19-54.

Grubb, Farley, "Fatherless and Friendless: Factors Influencing the Flow of English Emigrant Servants," Journal of Economic History, 52 (1992), 85-108.

Haj, Samira, "Palestinian Women and Patriarchal Relations," Signs, 17 (1992), 761-78.

Hapke, Laura, Tales of the Working Girl: Wage-Earning Women in American Literature, 1890-1925 (Twayne, 1992).

Harris, Jose, "Political Thought and the Welfare State, 1870-1940: An Intellectual Framework for British Social Policy," Past & Present, No. 135 (May '92), 116-41.

Harris, Michael W., The Rise of Gospel Blues: The Music of Andrew Dorsey in the Urban Church (Oxford, 1992).

Hattam, Victoria C., "Institutions and Political Change: Working-Class Formation in England and the United States, 1820-1896," Politics & Society, 20 (1992), 133-66.

Haynes, Douglas and Gyan Prakash, eds., Contesting Power: Everyday Resistance in South Asian Society and History (California, 1992).

Helly, Dorothy O. and Susan M. Reverby, eds., Gendered Domains: Rethinking Public and Private in Women's History (Cornell, 1992).

Henry, Paget, and Paul Buhle, eds., C.L.R. James's Caribbean (Duke, 1992).

"The History of Agriculture and the Environment," special issue of Agricultural History, 66 (Spring 1992).

Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz, "'Nous Autres': Reading, Passion, and the Creation of M. Carey Thomas," Journal of American History, 79 (1992), 68-95.

Housman, Judy and Ramsay Rutherford, "East Germany in Transition: An Interview with New Forum Founder Jens Reich," Radical America, 24:1 (Jan-Mar. '90), 73-88.

Howard, Christopher, "Sowing the Seeds of 'Welfare': The Transformation of Mother's Pensions, 1900-1940," Journal of Policy History, 4 (1992), 188-227.

"The Human Commodity: Perspectives on the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade," special issue of Slavery & Abolition, 13:1 (April '92).

Hunt, Lynn, The Family Romance of the French Revolution (California, 1992).

Hunt, Margaret, "Wife Beating, Domesticity and Women's Independence in Eighteenth-Century London," Gender & History, 4 (1992), 10-33.

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James, Winston, "Migration, Racism and Identity: The Caribbean Experience in Britain," New Left Review, #193 (May-June '92), 15-55.

Jamieson, Kathleen Hall, Dirty Politics: Deception, Distortion, and Democracy (Oxford, 1992).

Jones, Norrece T. Jr., Born a Child of Freedom, Yet a Slave: Mechanisms of Control and Strategies of Resistance in Antebellum South Carolina (Wesleyan, 1992).

Kaplan, Temma, Red City, Blue Period: Social Movements in Picasso's Barcelona (California, 1992).

Kasinitz, Philip, Caribbean New York: Black Immigrants and the Politics of Race (Cornell, 1992).

Kassoudji, Sherrie A., and Laura J. Dresser, "Working Class Rosies: Women Industrial Workers during World War II," Journal of Economic History, 52 (1992), 431-46.

Kaye, Harvey J., The Education of Desire: Marxists and the Writing of History (Routledge, 1992).

Keddie, Nikki R. and Beth Baron, eds., Women in Middle Eastern History: Shifting Boundaries in Sex and Gender (Yale, 1992).

Kellogg, Susan, "Hegemony out of Conquest: The First Two Centuries of Spanish Rule in Central Mexico," Radical History Review, No. 53 (Spring '92), 27-48.

Kerber, Linda, "The Paradox of Women's Citizenship in the Early Republic: The Case of Martin vs. Massachusetts, 1805," American Historical Review, 97 (1992), 349-78.

Kessler-Harris, Alice, "Cultural Locations: Positioning American Studies in the Great Debate," American Quarterly, 44 (1992), 299-312.

Kikue, Yamakawa, Women of the Mito Domain: Recollections of Samurai Family Life (Columbia, 1992).

King, Margaret L., Women of the Renaissance (Chicago, 1992).

Klepp, Susan E., and Billy G. Smith, eds., The Infortunate: The Voyage and Adventures of William Moraley, an Indentured Servant (Penn State, 1992).

Kliger, Hannah, ed., Jewish Hometown Associations and Family Circles in New York: The WPA Yiddish Writers' Group Study (Indiana, 1992).

Klinghoffer, Judith Apter and Lois Elkins, "'The Petticoat Electors': Women's Suffrage in New Jersey, 1776-1807," Journal of the Early American Republic, 12 (1992), 159-94.

Knaefler, Tomi Kaizawa, Our House Divided: Seven Japanese American Families in World War II (Hawaii, 1992).

Krause, Paul, "The Life and Times of 'Beeswax' Taylor: Origins and Paradoxes of the Gilded-Age Labor Movement," Labor History, 33 (1992), 32-54.

Krause, Paul, The Battle for Homestead, 1880-1892: Politics, Culture, and Steel (Pittsburgh, 1992).

Krebs, Paula, "'The Last of the Gentlemen's Wars': Women in the Boer War Concentration Camp Controversy," History Workshop, No. 33 (Spring '92), 38-56.

Kull, Andrew, The Color-Blind Constitution (Harvard, 1992).

Lamoreaux, Naomi R., and Christopher Glaisek, "Vehicles of Privilege or Mobility? Banks in Providence, Rhode Island, during the Age of Jackson," Business History Review, 65 (1992), 502-27.

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Lause, Mark A., "The American Radicals and Organized Marxism: The Initial Experience, 1869-1874," Labor History, 33 (1992), 55-80.

Levine, Peter, Ellis Island to Ebbetts Field: Sports and the American-Jewish Experience (Oxford, 1992).

Levine, Robert M., Vale of Tears: Revisiting the Canudos Massacre in Northeastern Brazil, 1893-1897 (California, 1992).

Lewis, Jane and Gertrude Aström, "Equality, Difference, and State Welfare: Labor Market and Family Policies in Sweden," Feminist Studies, 18 (1992), 59-87.

Licht, Walter, Getting Work: Philadelphia, 1840-1950 (Harvard, 1992).

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Rahe, Paul A., Republics Ancient and Modern: Classical Republicanism and the American Revolution (North Carolina, 1992).

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