"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter)

Number 66, May 1992

Allen, Douglas and Ngo Vinh Long, eds., Coming to Terms: Indochina, the United States, and the War (Westview, 1991).

Andrews, Gregg, Shoulder to Shoulder? The American Federation of Labor, the United States, and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1924 (California, 1991).

Appiah, Kwame Anthony, In My Father's House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture (Oxford, 1992).

Arnesen, Eric, "The African-American Working Class in the Jim Crow Era,'' International Labor and Working Class History, No. 41 (Spring '92), 58-75.

"Assault on Equality: Race, Rights and the New Orthodoxy,'' special section of The Nation (Dec. 9, 1991).

Babson, Steve, Building the Union: Skilled Workers and Anglo-Gaelic Immigrants in the Rise of the UAW (Rutgers, 1991).

Bailyn, Bernard and Philip D. Morgan, eds., Strangers within the Realm: Cultural Margins of the First British Empire (North Carolina, 1991).

"Becoming Martin Luther King, Jr.--Plagiarism and Originality: A Round Table,'' special section of Journal of American History, 78 (1991), 11-123.

Bederman, Gail, "'Civilization,' the Decline of Middle-Class Manliness, and Ida B. Wells's Antilynching Campaign (1892-94),'' Radical History Review, No. 52 (Winter '92), 5-32.

Berg, Maxine and Pat Hudson, "Rehabilitating the Industrial Revolution,'' Economic History Review, 45 (1992), 24-50.

Berry, Mary Frances, "Judging Morality: Sexual Behavior and Legal Consequences in the Late Nineteenth-Century South,'' Journal of American History, 78 (1991), 835-56.

Biles, Roger, A New Deal for the American People (Northern Illinois, 1991).

Braund, Kathryn E. Holland, "The Creek Indians, Blacks, and Slavery,'' Journal of Southern History, 57 (1991), 601-36.

Brewer, Priscilla J., "'Tho' of the Weaker Sex': A Reassessment of Gender Equality among the Shakers,'' Signs, 17 (1992), 609-35.

Bunker, Gary L., "Antebellum Caricature and Woman's Sphere,'' Journal of Women's History, 3 (Winter '92), 6-43.  

Burton, Antoinette, "The Feminist Quest for Identity: British Imperial Suffragism and 'Global Sisterhood,' 1900-1915,'' Journal of Women's History, 3 (Fall '91), 46-81.

Bynum, Victoria E., Unruly Women: The Politics of Social and Sexual Control in the Old South (North Carolina, 1992).

Casaleno, Larry, "Decoding the Human Genome Project: An Interview with Evelyn Fox Keller,'' Socialist Review, 21:2 (Apr.-June '91), 111-28.

Chaplin, Joyce E., "Tidal Rice Cultivation and the Problem of Slavery in South Carolina and Georgia, 1760-1815,'' William & Mary Quarterly, 49 (1992), 29-61.

Charles, Persis, "The Name of the Father: Women, Paternity, and British Rule in Nineteenth-Century Jamaica,'' International Labor and Working Class History, No. 41 (Spring '92), 4-22.

Chun, Gloria, "The High Note of the Barbarian Reed Pipe: Maxine Hong Kingston,'' Journal of Ethnic Studies, 19 (Fall '91), 85-94.

Cohen, Miriam J., and Michael Hanagan, "Work, School, and Reform: A Comparison of Birmingham, England, and Pittsburgh, USA: 1900-1950,'' International Labor and Working Class History, No. 40 (Fall '91), 67-80.

Cohen, Patricia Cline, "Unregulated Youth: Masculinity and Murder in the 1830s City,'' Radical History Review, No. 52 (Winter '92), 33-53.

Cohen-Lack, Nancy, "A Struggle for Sovereignty: National Consolidation, Emancipation, and Free Labor in Texas, 1865,'' Journal of Southern History, 58 (1992), 57-98.

Countryman, Edward, "The Uses of Capital in Revolutionary America: The Case of the New York Loyalist Merchants,'' William & Mary Quarterly, 49 (1992), 3-28.

Cronin, James E., and Peter Weiler, "Working-Class Interests and the Politics of Social Democratic Reform in Britain, 1900-1940,'' International Labor and Working Class History, No. 40 (Fall '91), 47-66.

Cronon, William, "A Place for Stories: Nature, History, and Narrative,'' Journal of American History, 78 (1992), 1347-76.

Davis, R. Hunt, Jr., ed., Apartheid Unravels (Univ. Presses of Florida, 1991).

de Grazia, Victoria, How Fascism Ruled Women: Italy, 1922-1945 (California, 1991).

Drescher, Seymour, "British Way, French Way: Opinion Building and Revolution in the Second French Slave Emancipation,'' American Historical Review, 96 (1991), 709-34.

Dublin, Thomas, "Rural Putting-Out Work in Early Nineteenth-Century New England: Women and the Transition to Capitalism in the Countryside,'' New England Quarterly, 64 (1991), 531-73.

"Ecological Crisis of Latin America,'' special issue of Latin American Perspectives, 19 (Winter '92).

"End of the Cold War: A Symposium,'' Diplomatic History, 16 (1992), 45-114.

Eves, Jamie H., "'Shrunk to a Comparative Rivulet': Deforestation, Stream Flow, and Rural Milling in 19th-Century Maine,'' Technology and Culture, 33 (1992), 38-65.

Fink, Leon, "A Memoir of Selig Perlman and his Life at the University of Wisconsin,'' Labor History, 32 (1991), 503-25.

Fogleman, Aaron, "Migrations to the Thirteen British North American Colonies, 1700-1775: New Estimates,'' Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 22 (1992), 691-709.

Fox, John W., "Irish Immigrants, Pauperism, and Insanity in 1854 Massachusetts,'' Social Science History, 15 (1991), 315-36.

"Gender and the Right,'' special issue of Gender & History, 3:3 (Autumn, 1991).

Glickstein, Jonathan A., Concepts of Free Labor in Antebellum America (Yale, 1992).

Godfried, Nathan, Bridging the Gap between Rich and Poor: American Economic Development Policy toward the Arab East, 1942-1949 (Greenwood, 1991).

Goldstein, Alice, Sidney Goldstein, and Gu Shengzu, "Rural Industrialization and Migration in the People's Republic of China,'' Social Science History, 15 (1991), 289-314.

Goodman, Dena, "Public Sphere and Private Life: Toward a Synthesis of Current Historiographical Approaches to the Old Regime,'' History and Theory, 31 (1992), 1-20.

Goodwyn, Lawrence, Breaking the Barrier: The Rise of Solidarity in Poland (Oxford, 1991).

Gordon, Ann D., Using the Nation's Documentary Heritage: The Report of the Historical Documents Study (NHPRC and ACLS, 1992).

Greenbaum, Susan D., "A Comparison of African American and Euro-American Mutual Aid Societies in 19th Century America,'' Journal of Ethnic Studies, 19 (Fall '91), 95-120.

Greer, Edward, "The Hidden History of the Iraq War,'' Monthly Review, 43 (May '91), 1-14.

Grier, Beverly, "Pawns, Porters, and Petty Traders: Women and the Transition to Cash Crop Agriculture in Colonial Ghana,'' Signs, 17 (1992), 304-28.

Gross, Stephen, "Domestic Labor as a Life-Course Event: The Effects of Ethnicity in Turn-of-the-Century America,'' Social Science History, 15 (1991), 397-416.

Gullickson, Gay, "La Pétroleuse: Representing Revolutions,'' Feminist Studies, 17 (1991), 241-66.

Gunn, Philip, "Frank Lloyd Wright and the Passage to Fordism,'' Capital & Class, No. 44 (Summer '91), 73-92.

Harles, John C., "Politics in an American Lifeboat: The Case of Laotian Immigrants,'' Journal of American Studies, 25 (1991), 419-42.

Harris, Trudier, comp., The Selected Works of Ida B. Wells-Barnett (Oxford, 1991).

Harrison, Malcolm, "Welfare Rights Struggles, Consumption, and the Politics of Rights,'' Capital & Class, No. 42 (Winter '90), 107-30.

Hart, Gillian, "Engendering Everyday Resistance: Gender, Patronage and Production Politics in Rural Malaysia,'' Journal of Peasant Studies, 19 (1992), 93-121.

Hays, Samuel P., "The New Environmental West,'' Journal of Policy History, 3 (1991), 223-48.

Henretta, James A., The Origins of American Capitalism (Northeastern, 1992).

Higginbotham, Evelyn Brooks, "African-American Women's History and the Metalanguage of Race,'' Signs, 17 (1992), 251-74.

Holt, Thomas C., The Problem of Freedom: Race, Labor, and Politics in Jamaica and Britain, 1832-1938 (Johns Hopkins, 1991).

Howell, Chris, "The Dilemmas of Post-Fordism: Socialists, Flexibility, and Labor Market Regulation in France,'' Politics & Society, 20 (1992), 71-100.

Huberman, Michael, "Industrial Relations and the Industrial Revolution: Evidence from M'Connel and Kennedy, 1810-1840,'' Business History Review, 65 (1991), 345-78.

Hunter, Jane H., "Inscribing the Self in the Heart of the Family: Diaries and Girlhood in Late-Victorian America,'' American Quarterly, 44 (1992), 51-81.

Jacoby, Daniel, "The Transformation of Industrial Apprenticeship in the United States,'' Journal of Economic History, 51 (1991), 887-910.

Jensen, Joan M., Army Surveillance in America, 1775-1980 (Yale, 1991).

Johnson, Penelope D., Equal in The Monastic Profession: Religious Women in Medieval France (Chicago, 1991).

Jonas, Raymond A., "Peasants, Population, and Industry in France,'' Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 22 (1991), 177-200.

Jones, Jacqueline, The Dispossessed: America's Underclass from the Civil War to the Present (Basic Books, 1992).

Jones, P.M., "The 'Agrarian Law': Schemes for Land Redistribution during the French Revolution,'' Past & Present, No. 133 (Nov. '91), 96-133.

Kalb, Dan, "Moral Production, Class Capacities and Communal Commotion: An Illustration from Central Brabant Shoemaking (c. 1900-20),'' Social History, 16 (1991), 279-98.

Kastoryano, Riva, "Integration and Collective Identities of Immigrants in France and Germany,'' Journal of Ethnic Studies, 19 (Fall '91), 51-64.

Kaye, Harvey, The Powers of the Past: Reflections on the Crisis and the Promise of History (Minnesota, 1991).

Kazin, Michael and Steven J. Ross, "America's Labor Day: The Dilemma of a Workers' Celebration,'' Journal of American History, 78 (1992), 1294-1323.

Kern, Horst, and Charles F. Sabel, "Trade Unions and Decentralized Production: A Sketch of Strategic Problems in the West German Labor Movement,'' Politics & Society, 19 (1991), 373-402.

Kerrigan, Colin, "Irish Temperance and U.S. Anti-Slavery: Father Mathew and the Abolitionists,'' History Workshop, #31 (Spring '91), 105-19.

Kotkin, Stephen, Steeltown, USSR: Soviet Society in the Gorbachev Era (California, 1991).

Lemke, Jürgen, Gay Voices from East Germany (Indiana, 1990).

Levine, Bruce, Half Slave and Half Free (Hill & Wang, 1991).

________, The Spirit of 1848: German Immigrants, Labor Conflict, and the Coming of the Civil War (Illinois, 1992).

Lewis, Jane, Women and Action in Victorian and Edwardian England (Stanford, 1991).

Lindemann, Albert S., The Jew Accused: Three Anti-Semitic Affairs--Dreyfus, Beilis, Frank--1894-1915 (Cambridge, 1991).

Lintelman, Joy K., "'Our Serving Sisters': Swedish-American Domestics Servants and Their Ethnic Community,'' Social Science History, 15 (1991), 381-96.

MacLean, Nancy, "The Leo Frank Case Reconsidered: Gender and Sexual Politics in the Making of Reactionary Populism,'' Journal of American History, 78 (1991), 917-48.

Malone, Ann Patton, Sweet Chariot: Slave Family and Household Structure in Nineteenth-Century Louisiana (North Carolina, 1992).

Mangini, Shirley, "Memories of Resistance: Female Activists from the Spanish Civil War,'' Signs, 17 (1991), 171-86.

Marcus, Eric, Making History: An Oral History of the Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights, 1945-1990 (HarperCollins, 1992).

McCurry, Stephanie, "The Two Faces of Republicanism: Gender and Proslavery Politics in Antebellum South Carolina,'' Journal of American History, 78 (1992), 1245-64.

McDermott, John, "Free Enterprise and Socialized Labor,'' Science & Society, 55 (1991-92), 388-416.

McInerney, Daniel J., "'A Faith for Freedom': The Political Gospel of Abolition,'' Journal of the Early American Republic, 11 (1991), 371-94.

McMath, Robert, The Dream of Commonwealth: American Populism (Hill & Wang, 1992).

McMillen, Sally G., Southern Women: Black and White in the Old South (Harlan Davidson, 1992).

Melosh, Barbara, Engendering Culture: Manhood and Womanhood in New Deal Public Art and Theater (Smithsonian, 1991).

Melzer, Sara E. and Leslie W. Rabine, eds., Rebel Daughters: Women and the French Revolution (Oxford, 1991).

Miliband, Ralph, Divided Societies: Class Struggle in Contemporary Capitalism (Oxford, 1991).

Miller, Francesca, Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice (New England, 1991).

Munck, Ronnie, "The Making of the Troubles in Northern Ireland,'' Journal of Contemporary History, 27 (1992), 211-30.

Nelson, Bruce C., "Revival and Upheaval: Religion, Irreligion, and Chicago's Working Class in 1886,'' Journal of Social History, 25 (1991), 233-54.

Norwood, Stephen H., "From 'White Slave' to Labor Activist: The Agony and Triumph of a Boston Brahmin Woman in the 1910s,'' New England Quarterly, 65 (1992), 61-92.

Orloff, Ann, "Gender in Early U.S. Social Policy,'' Journal of Policy History, 3 (1991), 249-81.

Pendle, Karin, ed., Women and Music: A History (Indiana, 1991).

Phillips, John A. and Charles Wetherell, "The Great Reform Bill of 1832 and the Rise of Partisanship,'' Journal of Modern History, 63 (1991), 621-46.

"Popular Organizing and the State,'' special issue of Latin American Perspectives, 19 (Spring '92).

Pruett, Katherine M. and John D. Fair, "Promoting a New South: Immigration, Racism, and 'Alabama on Wheels,''' Agricultural History, 66 (1991), 19-42.

Puskas, Julianna, ed., Overseas Migration from East-Central and Southeastern Europe, 1880-1940 (Budapest: Akademiai Kiado, 1990).

Richter, Irving, Labor's Struggles, 1945-1950: A Participant's View (Cambridge, 1992).

Roper, Lyndal, "Witchcraft and Fantasy in Early Modern Germany,'' History Workshop, No. 32 (Autumn '91), 19-43.

Rose, Sonya O., Limited Livelihoods: Gender and Class in Nineteenth-Century England (California, 1991).

Ross, George, "Turning Technocratic: Euro-Socialists and 1992,'' Socialist Review, 21:3 (Apr.-June '91), 133-58.

Ross, Steven J., "Living for the Weekend: The Shorter Hours Movement in International Perspective,'' Labour/Le Travail, 27 (Spring '91).

Sale, Kirkpatrick, The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy (Penguin, 1991).

Sarvasy, Wendy, "Beyond the Difference versus Equality Policy Debate: Postsuffrage Feminism, Citizenship, and the Quest for a Feminist Welfare State,'' Signs, 17 (1992), 329-62.

Saul, John, "South Africa: Between 'Barbarism' and 'Structural Reform,''' New Left Review, #188 (July-Aug. '91), 3-44.

Saville, Julie, "Grassroots Reconstruction: Agricultural Labour and Collective Action in South Carolina, 1860-1868,'' Slavery & Abolition, 12 (Dec. '91), 173-82.

Schoonover, Thomas, The United States in Central America, 1860-1911: Episodes of Social Imperialism and Imperial Rivalry in the World System (Duke, 1991).

Schwartz, Stuart B., Slaves, Peasants, and Rebels: Reconsidering Brazilian Slavery (Illinois, 1992).

Schweninger, Loren, "The Underside of Slavery: The Internal Economy, Self-Hire, and Quasi-Freedom in Virginia,'' Slavery & Abolition, 12 (Sept. '91), 1-22.

Scranton, Philip, "Diversity in Diversity: Flexible Production and American Industrialization,'' Business History Review, 65 (1991), 27-90.

Senior, Olive, Working Miracles: Women of the English-Speaking Caribbean (Indiana, 1991).

Service, John, ed., Golden Inches: The China Memoir of Grace Service (California, 1990).

Shaw, Stephanie, "Black Club Women and the Creation of the National Association of Colored Women,'' Journal of Women's History, 3 (Fall '91), 10-25.

Singer, Alan, "Communists and Coal Miners: Rank-and-File Organizing in the United Mine Workers of America during the 1920s,'' Science & Society, 55 (1991), 132-57.

"Slaves' Economy: Independent Production by Slaves in the Americas,'' special issue of Slavery & Abolition, 12:1 (May '91).

Smith, Judith, "Celebrating Immigration History at Ellis Island,'' American Quarterly, 44 (1992), 82-100.

Socolow, Susan Migden, "Spanish Captives in Indian Societies: Cultural Contact along the Argentine Frontier,'' Hispanic American Historical Review, 72 (1992), 73-100.

Solinger, Dorothy, From Lathes to Looms: China's Industrial Policy in Comparative Perspective, 1979-1982 (Stanford, , 1991).

Stamp, Patricia, "Burying Otieno: The Politics of Gender and Ethnicity in Kenya,'' Signs, 16 (1991), 818-45.

Stanley, Amy Dru, "Beggars Can't Be Choosers: Compulsion and Contract in Postbellum America,'' Journal of American History, 78 (1992), 1265-93.

Stepan, Nancy Leys, "The Hour of Eugenics'': Race, Gender, and Nation in Latin America (Cornell, 1991).

Strikwerda, Carl, "Interest-Group Politics and the International Economy: Mass Politics and Big Business Corporations in the Liège Coal Basin, 1870-1914,'' Journal of Social History, 25 (1991), 277-308.

Strom, Sharon Hartman, Beyond the Typewriter: Gender, Class, and the Origins of Modern American Office Work, 1900-1930 (Illinois, 1992).

"Symposium on Making a New Deal by Lizabeth Cohen,'' Labor History, 17 (1991), 562-97.

Tilly, Louise A., "Does Waged Domestic Labor Have a Future? A Review Essay,'' International Labor and Working Class History, No. 39 (Spring '91), 61-71.

Tomich, Dale, "Une Petite Guinée: Provision Ground and Plantation in Martinique, 1830-1848,'' Slavery & Abolition, 12 (May '91), 68-91.

Tucker, Eric, "'That Indefinite Area of Toleration': Criminal Conspiracy and Trade Unions in Ontario, 1837-77,'' Labour/Le Travail, 27 (Spring '91), 15-54.

Turner, Mary, "Slave Workers' Subsistence and Labour Bargaining: Amity Hall, Jamaica, 1805-1832,'' Slavery & Abolition, 12 (May '91), 92-106.

van de Linder, Marcel and Jergen Rohajn, eds., The Formation of Labor Movements, 1870-1914: An International Perspective, 2 vols. (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1990).

Vandal, Gilles, "'Bloody Caddo': White Violence Against Blacks in a Louisiana Parish, 1865-1876,'' Journal of Social History, 25 (1991), 373-88.

Venet, Wency Hamand, Neither Ballots nor Bullets: Women Abolitionists during the Civil War (Virginia, 1992).

Watts, Jill, "'THIS WAS THE WAY': Father Divine's Peace Mission Movement in Los Angeles during the Great Depression,'' Pacific Historical Review, 60 (1991), 475-96.

Weigand, Kate, "The Red Menace, the Feminine Mystique, and the Ohio Un-American Activities Commission: Gender and Anti-Communism in Ohio, 1951-1954,'' Journal of Women's History, 3 (Winter '92), 70-94.

Whayne, Jeanne, "Creation of a Plantation System in the Arkansas Delta in the Twentieth Century,'' Agricultural History, 66 (1991), 63-84.

Wikan, Unni, Behind the Veil in Arabia: Women in Oman (Chicago, 1991).

Wiseman, Nelson, "The Native Issue in Canada,'' Capital & Class, No. 44 (Summer '91), 15-22.

Woods, Robert and Wally Seccombe, "Debate: Working-Class Fertility Decline in Britain,'' Past & Present, No. 134 (Feb. '92), 200-11.

"Working Class and the Welfare State,'' special issue of International Labor and Working Class History, No. 40 (Fall '91).

Worster, Donald, Under Western Skies: Nature and History in the American West (Oxford, 1992).

Zarnowska, Anna, "Religion and Politics: Polish Workers, c. 1900,'' Social History, 16 (1991), 299-316.

Zimmermann, Eduardo A., "Racial Ideas and Social Reform: Argentina, 1890-1916,'' Hispanic American Historical Review, 72 (1992), 23-46.

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