"Recent Books and Articles of Interest"
compiled by Tom Dublin
(reprinted from recent issues of the Radical Historians Newsletter)

Number 59-60, November 1989-March 1990

Abelson, Elaine, David Abraham, and Marjorie Murphy, "Interview with Joan Scott," Radical History Review, #45 (Fall '89), 41-62.

Accampo, Elinor, Industrialization, Family Life, and Class Relations: Saint Chamond, 1815-1914 (California, 1989).

Adams, Carole Elizabeth, Women Clerks in Wilhelmine Germany: Issues of Class and Gender (Cambridge, 1989).

Baron, Ava, "Questions of Gender: Deskilling and Demasculinization in the U.S. Printing Industry, 1830-1915," Gender & History, 1 (1989), 178-99.

Beckles, Hilary McD., White Servitude and Black Slavery in Barbados, 1627-1725 (Tennessee, 1989).

Berger, Raoul, The 14th Amendment and the Bill of Rights (Oklahoma, 1989).

Blackett, R.J.M., Building an Antislavery Wall: Black Americans in the Atlantic Abolitionist Movement, 1830-1860 (Cornell, 1989).

Blackmar, Elizabeth, Manhattan for Rent, 1785-1805 (Cornell, 1989).

Blauner, Bob, Black Lives, White Lives: Three Decades of Race Relations in America (California, 1989).

Block, Fred, "Empire and Domestic Reform," with responses by Lloyd Gardner and William O. Walker, III, Radical History Review, #45 (Fall '89), 98-124.

Bluestone, Barry, "Deindustrialization and Unemployment in America," Review of Radical Political Economy, 17:2 (Fall '88), 29-44.

Bock, Gisela, "Women's History and Gender History: Aspects of an International Debate," Gender & History, 1 (1989), 7-30.

Brody, David, "Time and Working During Early American Industrialism," Labor History, 30 (1989), 5-46.

Buhle, Paul and Robin D.G. Kelley, "The Oral History of the Left in the United States: A Survey and Interpretation," Journal of American History, 76 (1989), 537-50.

Burnham, John C., How Superstition Won and Science Lost: Popularizing Science and Health in the United States (Rutgers, 1989).

Chakrabarty, Depesh, Rethinking Working-class History: Bengal, 1890-1940 (Princeton, 1989).

"Common Grounds and Crossroads: Race, Ethnicity and Class in Women's Lives," special issue of Signs, 14:4 (Summer '89).

"Cultures of Conflict: The French Revolution," special issue of History Workshop, #28 (Autumn '89).

Eley, Geoff, "Labor History, Social History, Alltagsgeschichte: Experience, Culture, and the Politics of the Everyday--A New Direction for German Social History," Journal of Modern History, 61 (1989), 297-43.

Erickson, Nancy J., "Muller v. Oregon Reconsidered: The Origins of a Sex-Based Doctrine of Liberty of Contract," Labor History, 30 (1989), 228-50.

Evans, Sara, Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America (Free Press, 1989).

Faue, Elizabeth, "The Dynamo of Change: Gender and Solidarity in the American Labour Movement of the 1930s," Gender & History, 1 (1989), 138-58.

Fitzgerald, Michael W., "'To Give our Votes to the Party': Black Political Agitation and Agricultural Change in Alabama, 1865-1870," Journal of American History, 76 (1989), 589-505.

Foster, John and Charles Woolfson, "Corporate Reconstruction and Business Unionism: The Lessons of Caterpillar and Ford," New Left Review, #174 (Mar.-April '89), 51-66.

Fraser, Steve, and Gary Gerstle, eds., The Rise and Fall of the New Deal Order, 1930-1980 (Princeton, 1989).

Freeman, Joshua B., In Transit: The Transport Workers Union in New York City, 1933-1966 (Oxford, 1989).

Gaddis, John Lewis, "Intelligence, Espionage, and Cold War Origins," Diplomatic History, 13 (1989), 191-212.

Garon, Sheldon, The State and Labor in Modern Japan (California, 1989).

Gerstle, Gary, Working-Class Americanism: The Politics of Labor in a Textile City, 1914-1960 (Cambridge, 1989).

Graves, John William, "Jim Crow in Arkansas: A Reconsideration of Urban Race Relations in the Post-Reconstruction South," Journal of Southern History, 55 (1989), 421-48.

Greenwald, Maurine Weiner, "Working-Class Feminism and the Family Wage Ideal: The Seattle Debate on Married Women's Right to Work, 1914-1920," Journal of American History, 76 (1989), 118-49.

Gregory, James N., The Dust Bowl Migration and Okie Culture in California (Oxford, 1989).

Grossman, James B., Land of Hope: Chicago, Black Southerners, and the Great Migration (Chicago, 1989).

Gudmundson, Lowell, "Peasant, Farmer, Proletarian: Class Formation in a Smallholder Coffee Economy, 1850-1950," Hispanic American Historical Review 69 (1989), 221-58.

Hamilton, C.A., "A Positional Gambit: Shaka Zulu and the Conflict in South Africa," Radical History Review, #44 (Spring '89), 5-31.

Higginbotham, Evelyn Brooks, "Beyond the Sound of Silence: Afro-American Women's History," Gender & History, 1 (1989), 50-67.

Hill, Bridget, "The Marriage Age of Women and the Demographers," History Workshop, #28 (Autumn '89), 129-47.

Hoffman, Ronald, and Peter J. Albert, eds., Women in the Age of the American Revolution (Virginia, 1989).

Horne, John, "'L'impôt du sang': Republican Rhetoric and Industrial Warfare in France, 1914-18," Social History, 14 (May '89), 201-24.

Hunt, Lynn, The New Cultural History (California, 1989).

Hurtado, Albert L., Indian Survival on the California Frontier (Yale, 1988).

Immigrant Women," special issue of Journal of American Ethnic History, 8:2 (Spring '89).

Jameson, Frederic, "Marxism and Postmodernism," New Left Review, #176, (July-Aug. '89), 31-46.

Johnson-Odim, Cheryl and Margaret Strobel, "Conceptualizing the History of Women in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East," Journal of Women's History, 1 (1989), 31-62.

Jones, Lu Ann and Nancy Grey Osterud, "Breaking New Ground: Oral History and Agricultural History," Journal of American History, 76 (1989), 551-64.

Jordan, Ellen, "The Exclusion of Women from Industry in Nineteenth-Century Britain," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 31 (1989), 273-96.

Katz, Friedrich, ed., Riot, Rebellion, and Revolution: Rural Social Conflict in Mexico (Princeton, 1989).

Kent, D.A., "Ubiquitous but Invisible: Female Domestic Servants in Mid-Eighteenth Century London," History Workshop, #28 (Autumn '89), 111-28.

Kerber, Linda K. et al., "Forum: Beyond Roles, Beyond Spheres: Thinking About Gender in the Early Republic," William & Mary Quarterly, 36 (1989), 565-85.

Kessler-Harris, Alice, "Gender Ideology in Historical Reconstruction: A Case Study from the 1930s," Gender & History, 1 (1989), 31-49.

Kierner, Cynthia A., "Landlord and Tenant in Revolutionary New York: The Case of Livingston Manor," New York History, 70 (1989), 133-52.

Kirkler, Jeremy, "Agrarian Class Struggle and the South African War," Social History, 14 (May '89), 151-76.

Kisch, Herbert, From Domestic Manufactures to Industrial Revolution: The Case of the Rhineland Textile Districts (Oxford, 1989).

Kolko, Gabriel, Confronting the Third World: United States Foreign Policy, 1945-1980 (Pantheon, 1989).

Levin, Richard, and Michael Neocosmos, "The Agrarian Question and Class Contradictions in South Africa: Some Theoretical Considerations," Journal of Peasant Studies, 16 (1989), 230-59.

Levine, Lawrence W., Highbrow/Lowbrow: The Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America (Harvard, 1989).

MacKinnon, Catharine A., Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (Harvard, 1989).

Mann, Susan A., "Slavery, Sharecropping and Sexual Inequality," Signs, 14 (1989), 774-89.

Marks, Carole, Farewell--We're Good and Gone: The Great Black Migration (Indiana, 1989).

Marks, Gary, Unions in Politics: Britain, Germany, and the United States in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries (Princeton, 1989).

Martinez-Alier, Verena, Marriage, Class and Colour in Nineteenth-Century Cuba: A Study of Racial Attitudes and Sexual Values in a Slave Society (Michigan, 1989).

"Marxist Perspectives on Ireland," special issue of Science & Society, 53:2 (Summer '89).

May, Lary, ed., Recasting America: Culture and Politics in the Age of Cold War (Chicago, 1989).

McFarlane, Anthony, "The 'Rebellion of the Barrios': Urban Insurrection in Bourbon Quito," Hispanic American Historical Review, 69 (1989), 283-330.

McIntyre, Robert J., "Economic Change in Eastern Europe: Other Paths to Socialist Construction," Science & Society, 53 (Spring '89), 5-28.

McLoughlin, William G., and Walter H. Conser, Jr., "'The First Man Was Red'--Cherokee Responses to the Debate over Indian Origins, 1760-1860,"American Quarterly 41(1989), 243-64.

McMillen, Neil R., Dark Journey: Black Mississippians in the Age of Jim Crow (Illinois, 1989).

Mirza, Sarah and Margaret Strobel, eds., Three Swahili Women: Life Histories from Mombasa, Kenya (Indiana, 1989).

Morawska, Ewa, "Labor Migrations of Poles in the Atlantic World Economy, 1880-1914," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 31 (1989), 237-72.

Morgan, Philip, and Michael L. Nicholls, "Slaves in Piedmont, Virginia, 1720-1790," William & Mary Quarterly, 36 (1989), 211-51.

Mullin, Robert Bruce, ed., Moneygripe's Apprentice: The Personal Narrative of Samuel Seabury III (Yale, 1989).

Nash, Gary B., "New Light on Richard Allen: The Early Years of Freedom," William & Mary Quarterly, 36 (1989), 332-40.

Nicholas, Stephen, ed., Convict Workers: Reinterpreting Australia's Past (Cambridge, 1989).

Old History and the New: AHR Forum," American Historical Review, 94 (June 1989), 654-98.

Perlmann, Joel and Robert Margo, "Who Were America's Teachers? Toward a Social History and a Data Archive," Historical Methods, 22 (Spring '89), 68-73.

"Photography and Urban History," special issue of Journal of Urban History, 15:3 (May 1989).

Pollack, Norman, The Just Polity: Populism, Law, and Human Welfare (Illinois, 1989).

Popkin, Annie, "An Early Moment in Women's Liberation: The Social Experience within Bread and Roses," Radical America, 22:1 (Jan.-Feb. '89), 19-34.

Rabel, George C., Civil Wars: Women and the Crisis of Southern Nationalism (Illinois, 1989).

Rabinowitz, Richard, The Spiritual Self in Everyday Life: The Transformation of Religious Experience in Nineteenth-Century New England (Northeastern, 1989).

"Revolutionary Strategy in Central America," Latin American Perspectives, #62 (Summer '89).

Rolston, Bill, "Mother, Whores and Villains: Images of Women in Novels of the Northern Ireland Conflict," Race & Class, 31:1 (July-Sept. '89), 41-58.

"Round Table: What Has Changed and Not Changed in American Historical Practice," Journal of American History, 76 (1989), 393-488.

Rupp, Leila J., "Feminism and the Sexual Revolution in the Early Twentieth Century: The Case of Doris Stevens," Feminist Studies, 15 (1989), 289-309.

Salyer, Lucy, "Captives of Law: Judicial Enforcement of the Chinese Exclusion Laws, 1891-1905," Journal of American History, 76 (1989), 91-117.

Schiebinger, Londa, The Mind Has No Sex? Women and the Origins of Modern Science (Harvard, 1989).

Schlissel, Lillian, Byrd Gibbens, and Elizabeth Hampsten, Far From Home: Families of the Westward Journey (Schocken, 1989).

Schultz, Bud and Ruth Schultz, It Did Happen Here: Recollections of Political Repression in America (California, 1989).

Scott, Joan Wallach, "French Feminists and the Rights of 'Man': Olympiade de Gouges's Declarations," History Workshop, #28 (Autumn '89), 1-21.

________, "History in Crisis? The Others' Side of the Story," American Historical Review, 94 (1989), 680-92.

Scranton, Philip, "The Workplace, Technology, and Theory in American Labor History," International Labor and Working Class History, #35 (Spring 89), 3-22.

Sinsheimer, Joseph A., "The Freedom Vote of 1963: New Strategies of Racial Protest in Mississippi," Journal of Southern History, 55 (189), 217-44.

Sonn, Richard D., Anarchism and Cultural Politics in Fin-de-Siècle Paris (Nebraska, 1989).

Spurlock, John C., Free Love, Marriage and Middle-Class Radicalism in America, 1825-1860 (NYU, 1989).

Strand, David, "Power, Class, and Gender: New Research on Chinese Urban History," Journal of Urban History, 15 (1989), 196-204.

"Symposium on The Fall of the House of Labor, by David Montgomery," Labor History, 30 (1989), 93-137.

Tarver, Heidi, "Language and Politics in the 1980s: The Story of U.S. English," Politics & Society, 17 (1989), 225-45.

"Theoretical and Methodological Dialogue on the Writing of Women's History," special section of Journal of Women's History, 1 (1989), 63-107.

Tomlins, Christopher L., "The Ties That Bind: Master and Servant in Massachusetts, 1800-1850," Labor History, 30 (1989), 193-227.

Vallely, Richard M., Radicalism in the States: The Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party and the American Political Economy (Chicago, 1989).

Wegs, J. Robert, Growing Up Working Class: Continuity and Change Among Viennese Youth, 1890-1938 (Penn State, 1989).

Weissbach, Lee Shai, Child Labor Reform in Nineteenth-Century France: Assuring the Future Harvest (LSU, 1989).

Weisser, Michael R., A Brotherhood of Memory: Jewish Landsmanschaftn in the New World (Cornell, 1989).

Wright, Erik Olin, "Women in the Class Structure," Politics & Society, 17 (1989), 35-68.

Zeitlin, Jonathan, "'Rank and Filism' in British Labor History: A Critique," International Review of Social History 34:1 (1989), 42-61.

Zweig, David, Agrarian Radicalism in China, 1968-1981 (Harvard, 1989).

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