This page offers a list of bibliographies of material that will appear in the online archive.


WASI Bibliographies

During the months when Women and Social Movements, International is gradually coming online, we thought historians might be interested in viewing topical bibliographies of works included in the online archive.   As of September 1, 2011, almost 90,000 pages of the archive’s completed total of 150,000 pages are online. 

To explore the bibliographies related to your fields of interest, click on each bibliography’s title.  The bibliography will appear as a Word file in a separate window to download.  The citations are listed chronologically by dates of publication

Our definition of “International” is “a platform where different cultures interact.”  We have not included documents generated by national groups, except for ones that exemplify national responses to international activities. 

About 40 percent of the WASI archive consists of women’s international conference proceedings.  Another 40 percent consists of women’s writings and reports about international issues.  About 20 percent consists of personal documents like letters, diaries, and memoirs.  About 7 percent of the archive, or 11,000 pages, consist of materials in French, German or Spanish.  

We have included about 33,000 pages of manuscript and rare printed materials. This constitutes about 20 percent of the archive.  About 8,000 of these pages are manuscript materials.

A final word on formatting.  Zotero (our database software) and Word had a communication glitch and where we tried to insert “———” to show that an author repeats across successive entries, the program has inserted the special characters ���.

We hope these bibliographies give you an idea of what the digital archive will include when complete.

Kitty Sklar & Tom Dublin, Co-editors




Bibliographies arranged by Organizations:

These organizational bibliographies include published works from more than 250 libraries worldwide and manuscript materials from the following archives:


Bibliographies from contemporary NGOs:

Bibliographies arranged by other categories:

Bibliographies of Manuscript Material:

These bibliographies contain manuscript materials not included in the organizational or NGO bibliographies:

A substantial amount of material in the following collection is not available in bibliography form but is part of the digital archive: